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Fierce fighting continues in southern Philippines, with President Duthel and special Maoist faction

  • Author:chois.dong
  • Release on:2017-06-14
Xinhuanet.com reported on May 30th, the Philippines government forces and "Mutter organized armed personnel in the southern city of Malawi fighting continues. Philippine army and police said 28, since the 23 firefight occurred, there have been 19 civilians, 17 police killed, 61 militants were killed. At present, more than 2000 civilians trapped in the city, the military is stepping up the fight against the anti-government organizations.
According to Reuters, in order to fight against the "Mutter organization", the president of Philippines Duthel Te in May 28th called for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, the Moro national liberation front and the Maoist leadership of the new people's army to fight in the ranks of the past. He hoped the new people's army would abandon the long - term confrontation with the Philippine government and work with the government.
click to enlarge
Reuters reported screenshot
It is reported that the "Mutter organization" is considered and terrorist organizations Islamic States (IS) have close ties with the armed forces of the Philippines insurgency.
Duthel Te said in his speech, will be involved in the fight against the "Mutter organization" of the armed forces to provide wages, hire them like soldiers, and in some areas to build their barracks.
The Philippine government had cancelled and the new people's army, the latest round of peace talks, the Philippine government said the termination of negotiations because the rebels to President Duthel Te's peace proposal did not respond, but the new people's army guerrilla forces launched a new offensive to the countryside. The political arm of the new people's army pointed out that the government ended the negotiations because the rebels had not responded to President Duthel Te's peace proposals.
At present, the leaders of the groups also did not respond to the fight against "Walter Mutter organization" proposal.
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Philippine government armored vehicles enter Malawi, photograph: visual China
The Malawi
Philippines military spokesman Joe Al Herrera 28, said that since 23, 61 militants have been killed, 13 soldiers and 4 police were killed. The military offensive continues.
Reuters and other media reported 28, the Philippine military has sent ground troops to Malawi City, street fighting with the militants, the soldiers raided the militants may be in possession of homes to the stronghold of militants opened fire and threw grenades; military helicopters fired rockets into the stronghold.
Herrera said the military has sent "enough troops" to the area". "They (militants) may be able to escape, but nowhere to hide. (to solve them) just a question of time."
click to enlarge
The city is located in Philippines the second largest island of Mindanao, Lanao del Sur, a population of about 200 thousand. 23, before the firefight, the Philippines army and police are searching for another anti government organization, Absar Jef, leader of the armed forces Isnilon Hapilon, so far failed to catch him. Hapilon is believed to be the main leader of the extremist group Islamic state in Philippines.
According to the Philippine military parlance, "Mutter organization" trying to protect Hapilon, in 23, in retaliation for the city of Malawi, the day occupied a large part of the city. On behalf of the militants the day jack on the Islamic state flag, the occupation of public facilities, buildings to arson, kidnapping dozens of hostages, also released many prisoners in prison two. Most of the Malawi residents fled the city after the fighting.
Philippines police confirmed 28, since 23, more than 19 civilians were killed, the police found 8 bodies on the outskirts of the city along the highway in the valley, most of those killed were shot in the head of death, some people's hands tied behind his back. They were killed only 200 meters from a military checkpoint, with blood and bullet shells on the road.
Lanao del Sur government spokesman Zia Alonto Adio said, there are now more than 2000 civilians trapped in the city of malawi. Not only are they threatened by militants, they may also be hurt by military air strikes.
Dion said the trapped were sent to the government by sending text messages and making a hotline call to the government, but the rescue team was "unable to access" their block. "They want to leave and worry about their own safety. Some people already have no food. They feared being hit by bullets or air strikes." Ah, Dion said.
Dion said the local government has applied to the military to allow the rescue team to enter the 25 blocks where the trapped people are located. He also called on to be trapped in the home of a safe place, the door closed, don't let anyone come in, waiting for rescue, while the white flag in the house plug, to let the army know that they are not enemies, because "some terrorists hiding in the houses".