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Diamond saw blade wholesaler introduces how to use saw blade in engineering construction?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Release on:2020-05-15

Diamond saw blade wholesalers are widely used in daily life. The technology and standards are relatively mature. The products and markets have been subdivided. However, with the further development of diamond saw blade technology, the application of diamond saw blades will continue to expand.

Diamond saw blade wholesaler introduces how to use cutting blade designed for cutting machines tailored laser welder used in all of Germany, it has good sharpness for  cutting concrete road, asphalt road, hard brick, building materials and so on.saw blade in engineering construction?

With regard to the variety of diamond saw blades, customers classify them from different angles of using equipment or processing objects or scope of use. This article simplifies saw blades into general saw blades, professional saw blades and other saw blades. Classification, common are old cement saw blades,new cement saw blades, Asphalt saw blade, wall Saw blades, etc.

The universal saw blade has a wide range of applications. It can adapt to different processing objects and different users. It is often used in handheld sawing machines. There are many types of sawing machines, including electric sawing machines, gasoline engines, hydraulic power machines, etc. The power of the equipment is generally below 10 horsepower, and the speed of the sawing machine is relatively high, generally above 1750 rpm / min, and the highest can reach 6000 rpm / min.

The diameter of this type of saw blade is mostly below Ф450mm. Due to the high safety performance and mechanical precision requirements of this type of saw blade, the market share of sintered saw blades is gradually declining, and laser welding saw blades market share continues to rise.

The use performance index of general-purpose saw blades is not specific, and the technical design is not targeted. The hot spots of market competition are more concentrated on price and appearance. In recent years, with the price continuously decreasing, the appearance of saw blades has emerged endlessly, which is reflected in the knife. Head structure, nozzle pattern and distribution of pores on the substrate surface. General-purpose saw blades are the most consumed in engineering construction saw blades, accounting for more than 70%, but because of their low price, the sales amount is less than 50% of the total sales amount.

In addition to professional saw blades used by professional engineers, it also has specific characteristics. It requires different technical design for different processing objects, emphasizing processing efficiency, quality and cost in order to achieve the best use effect.

In developed countries, such products have not only been widely used, but also fully subdivided, but in the domestic market, both equipment and saw blades are expressed very generally. Saw blades emphasize the price too much, so the use effect is poor.

The old cement saw blades, new cement saw blades and asphalt saw blade suppliers are widely used in road, bridge, airport, port and other engineering construction. In developed countries, the equipment used is diverse, often classified by power, with low power (below 20HP), medium power (25 ~ 45HP level) and high power (50 ~ high power sawing machine (120HP level), generally in construction Different equipment is selected according to the characteristics of the project.