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Diamond Saw Technology - saw parameters

  • Author:Chois Dong
  • Source:weibo.com
  • Release on :2017-09-14
Blade speed:
In practice, the line speed diamond saw blades is limited equipment conditions, saw the quality and the nature of the stone before cutting. From the optimum blade life and cutting efficiency, the line speed of the blade should be selected according to the different nature of the stone.Sawing graniteWhen the blade speed can be selected within 25m ~ 35m / s range. For high quartz content and difficult cutting granite, remove the blade speed limit is appropriate. In the production of granite tile, diamond saw blades for use smaller diameter, line speed can reach 35m / s.
Cutting depth
Cutting depth is involved in diamond wear, effective cutting, saw the forces and the important parameters are sawing stone by nature. Generally speaking, when a high speed diamond saw blade line, should be selected for cutting small depth from the current technology, the depth of the diamond sawing can choose between 1mm ~ 10mm. Usually with a large diameter blade sawing granite blocks, cutting depth can be controlled at between 1mm ~ 2mm, the feed rate should be reduced at the same time. When larger diamond saw blade line speed, should be selected large depth of cut. But in performance and tool strength saw the extent permitted, should try to take a larger concentration cutting cutting to improve cutting efficiency. When the machined surface is required, you should use a small depth of cut.
Feed rate
Namely feed rate cutting stone feed rate. Its size affects the rate of cutting, the blade and the cutting force by the heat dissipation area. Its value should be based on the nature of the stone cutting to select. In general, cutting softer stone, such as marble, it may be appropriate to improve the feed rate, if the feed rate is too low, more conducive to improving sawing rate. Sawing fine structure, relatively homogeneous granite, it may be appropriate to increase the feed rate, if the feed rate is too low, easy to be polished diamond blade. But while cutting coarse structure UNEVEN granite, the feed rate should be reduced, otherwise it will cause the blade vibrations cause fragmentation and reduce diamond cutting rates. Granite cutting feed rate is generally within 9m ~ 12m / min range selected.