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The function and characteristics of convex polishing pad

  • Author:bourne
  • Source:Boreway machinery
  • Release on :2017-09-15
 Diamond convex polishing pad is based on diamond abrasive, and composite and flexible machining tools made of velcro on the back of sticky cloth, gluing on a joint mill for grinding stone, ceramics, glass , floor tiles and other materials for special processing, suitable for stone polishing, chamfering lines, curved panels and special shaped stone processing, can also be used for marble, concrete, cement floors, terrazzo, glass, artificial stone, tiles, glazed tiles, profiled processing of tiles, repair and renovation, with grinding power, durability, good softness, good clarity, gloss, is the ideal stone grinding tools, the whole process is divided into coarse grinding, fine grinding, accurate grinding, polishing four stages, processed stone.Fujian Nan’an Boreway Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in research and development of diamond products manufacturers, the main production of diamond dry polishing pad, diamond Polishing Pad, ceramics Polishing Pad, Diamond renovation of the ground sheet, rubber grinding joints, silicon carbide grinding wheels and other products. Here milling about Diamond Polishing Pad uses and characteristics.
  Uses: 1, for artificial stone, granite and marble and other stone processing, with the full specification of size and good flexibility color, line, chamfer, arc board and special-shaped stone processing handy, there are a variety of shapes and sizes optionally, various size number is easy to identify, with the flexibility to use various hand grinder according to the needs and habits. 2, for the granite, marble, all kinds of artificial stone plate floor after laying, processing steps and renovation, can be flexible with a variety of hand-mill or refurbished machine depending on the needs and habits. 3, polishing for tile, ceramic tile manufacturers supporting manual and automatic full polishing machine, polishing machine for semi-microcrystalline tiles, glazed tiles and antique brick whole cast, half cast handle, smooth, matte arbitrary choice, Smooth brightness value of up to 90 or more; for the ceramics tiles and various tiled ground handling and refurbishment can be flexible with the needs and habits of various hand mill or refurbished machines. 4, the renovation process for industrial floors, warehouses, parking lots and other concrete floor or various aggregate floor hardener, especially today's popular liquid hardener flooring project, can be flexible with a variety of hand-grinding according to the needs and habits or refurbished machine, use a different size of DS grinding for rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing process.
  Features: 1, using a unique combination of resin, good grinding soft performance, easy installation; 2, grinding power, polishing speed, high gloss; 3, wear resistance and long service life; 4, polishing no polish on the floor after leaving scratches and color (easy staining).