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China Diamond ancient historic coincidence "king of precious stones"

  • Author:Sherry Huang
  • Source:www.boreway.net
  • Release on:2015-12-31
Dr. Wang said: diamonds are considered "gem" or "Jade" in ancient China, and therefore generalized kind of jade. 

Name "diamond" comes from the fusion of Chinese and foreign cultures 

Dr. Wang said, on "King Kong", was said to be the terms of the five elements of home, we shall say is a "gold" of the Western Gangchen "Qi", later borrowed by Chinese Buddhism refers to a production from "the West" and "stone" . In fact, the "King Kong" is the esoteric terminology, Sanskrit for the Vajra, Pali is vajira, transliteration "tie day Lo" or "cutting off Luo", paraphrasing King, referring to the metal in the most refined of the most strong person, in Indian mythology It is king of the gods Indra weapons. Diamond extremely hard, it was "diamond" borrowed to modify this hardest substance in nature. The "diamond" of the word history as early as the Eastern Jin Dynasty, China's local culture combined with the product of Buddhism. Eastern Jin Wan Zhen a "Southern states foreign body" contains: "King Kong, Shi also, its like beads, kenny no Cloth, foreigners with decorative ornaments good ring, serving the energy provision vicious." East Jinguo Pu Notes "Shan Hai Jing Western Hills ", said:" this go around out diamond, stone and like gold, honorable, can be engraved jade "This is the" diamond "etymology. 

There is also a diamond called "diamond", first appeared in Emperor Li Longji (685 ~ 762 years) essays, "Tang Liu Dian" Volume 22: "Red elk skin, howling, red furrow, amber, jade, diamond ...... Dapeng Sand the Persian and liangzhou. "Ming Li, including a number of scholars, including diamond found in the study, only a diamond can cut jade, jade or porcelain but also on drilling. 

Japan borrowed Chinese ancient literature of "diamond" of the term, the Japanese pronunciation of the word is daiyamondo, similar to the Dutch word "diamond". When characters in Japan with the Dutch scientific and cultural imprint of "diamond" back to China in the late Qing Dynasty, the "diamond" of modern scientific understanding also spread to China. About the Qing Dynasty, diamond, also known as diamond, its meaning apparently from above "diamond", both in terms of connotation and denotation are equal, namely "diamond" and "diamonds" in meaning is the same.