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Boreway in the 22nd Xiamen Stone Exhibition

Dora Zhang 2022-08-09 10:19:16
From July 30 to August 2, the 22nd Xiamen International Stone Exhibition was held in Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center. It is an international trade platform integrating market development, product procurement, customer meeting and cooperation negotiation Xiamen stone exhibition is the largest exhibition with the largest number of exhibitors in the global stone industry. It is an important wind vane of the global stone industry in the new era, and also an important window for enterprises to seek cooperation and foreign exchanges.

This year, nearly 400 overseas stone and machinery enterprises appeared in the cloud Xiamen stone exhibition.

Boreway participated in the 22nd Xiamen Stone International Conference,rotary bush hammer too manufacturer,bush hammer head for supplier manufacturer

The company mainly promotes Bush hammer tool, which is used to polish stone and concrete.

1. Remove old epoxy coating.

2. For laying new layers and making antique surfaces.

3. Make a safe anti slip surface on the natural stone plate.

4. Renovate different kinds of floor surfaces to make antique surfaces.

5. Expose the aggregate to the concrete floor in preparation for concrete grinding and polishing.

bush hammer granite,bush hammer finish,carbide Alloy bush hammer roller,concrete bush hammer,Vacuum Braze bush  hammer roller

Carbide alloy bush hammer plate with 4 roller, is mainly designed for texturing and roughening of smooth stone surfaces and is especially important for performing operations to create anti-slip surfaces on stone floors and steps, etc. vacuum brazing double layer plate is scrollable and highly efficient.

stone bush hammer suppliers,diamond bush hammer,litchi surface bush hammer roller,

Diamond bit, according to different formulas and shapes, can be used for metal grinding block, diamond saw blade, diamond drill bit, grinding tool and other tools

Diamond saw blades include single saw, combined saw, small diameter saw blade, sintering saw blade, welding saw blade, electroplating saw blade, brazing saw blade and other types of saw blades.

Silent diamond saw blade for manufacturer,adopting the design of the silencing saw blade substrate to reduce noise during the cutting process, and the orderly arranged saw blade heads make the material yield higher, and the cutting is flat and sharp.

Diamond bits include: water drill, dry drill, electroplating drill, brazing drill, small diameter drill, corrugated drill, orderly arranged drill, etc.

Diamond polishing plate, regular grinding plate, corrugated grinding plate, 3-step grinding plate, stone grinding plate, edge polishing plate, floor turning plate, grinding plate joint

Concrete floor polishing pad is is super high temperature resistant new sheet polishing is mainly used for grinding and polishing the ground of marble, granite and concrete, as well as the use of water mill refurbishing machine from medium grinding to fine grinding and polishing. It can be used with a small amount of water.