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diamond segment hot press and sinter machinediamond segment hot press and sinter machine

diamond segment hot press and sinter machine

  • Type:BWM-SP50,BWM-SP80
  • Powder:380V,50/60Hz,380V,50/60Hz
  • Rated working pressure:0-20 Ton
  • Heating power:30KW-50KW,30KW-80KW
  • Opening height:220mm,250mm
  • Workbench acreage:180mm*180mm,200mm*200mm
  • Temp control range:0℃-1100℃,400℃-1200℃
  • Volume:700mm*1400mm*1800mm,820mm*1450mm*2100mm
  • Weight:1000 Kg,1300 Kg
Product Description:
Brief Introduction:
Boreway BWM-SP50 and BWM-SP80 sintering machine for diamond segment are designed for sintering the diamond segments, wire saw beads, the diamond grinding wheel and other kinds of segments for diamond tools.This machine is composed of main frame, hydraulic system, electronic unit, thermometric element and cooling system etc. Depending on the master-slave structural double- computer control system, the intelligent equipment can achieve automatically the whole sintering process according to the craft curves tabulated by customer, including controlling temperature and pressure, adjusting power, together with operating conveniently and controlling high accurately
1* Manual operation.
2* Low failure rate.
3* Operator needs have rich experience.
4* Reasonable and low price.
5* Saving electricity and time.
6* Intelligent PID temperature adjustor, with high precision.
7* Non-contact infrared pyrometer with quick response, laser aiming at the goal.
8* Automatically adjusting temperature, pressure and time and Permitting to adjust them manually.
9* Controlling the press force and the temperature in the closed loop way, increasing the press force and temperature according to the slope.
All of our products have been strictly tested before access to market.
Other specifications can be customized according to requirements.

Specification of diamond segment sintering machine:
 Parameters  Numerical  Numerical
 Type  BWM-SP50  BWM-SP80
 Power  380V 50/60HZ  380V 50/60HZ
 Rated working pressure  0-20 ton  0-20 ton
 Heating power  30-50 kw  30-80 kw
 Opening height  220 mm  250 mm
 Workbench acreage  180*180 mm  200*200 mm
 Temp control range  400-1100 ℃  400-1200 ℃
 Volume  700*1400*1800 mm  8400*1250*2100 mm
 Weight  1000 kg  1300 kg
Other specification can be customized according to need.
The following shows are only part of hot press and sinter machine:

single layer diamond cold press machine for diamond segment
hydraulic cold press machine for diamond segment
Packing & Shipping:
Hot press and sinter machine packing in the wooden.
We can also pack the sinter machine according to your requirements.
Special specifications need to be negotiated for delivery times.

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