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Xu Xin teach Japanese Chinese 13-year-old teenager life! 4-1 win over the four strong march Malone

  • Author:Chois Dong
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-06-04
2017 single World Table Tennis Championships in Dusseldorf, Germany to continue, the men's singles 1/4 final all over, Xu Xin 4-1 out of Zhang Benzhi and Fan Zhendong to 4-1 victory over Japan's Dan Yu Xiao, Malone to 4 -2 Lectra Boer, men's singles four strong Guoping occupy three seats.

Fan Zhendong Xu Xin male double won the singles are into the semi-finals
Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong partner won the men's doubles champion, and both appeared in the men's singles 1/4 finals of the game. Xu Xin against the current World Table Tennis Championships the biggest dark horse - Japan 13-year-old Chinese prodigy Zhang Benzhi and. The first game Xu Xin 11-9 win, the second game despite the 6-11 defeat, but then take over the game, to 11-6, 11-8 and 11-4 winning three games, the total score 4-1 end Zhang Wisdom and promotion of the road.

Fan Zhendong face Dan Yu Xiao Xi, the first game to 11-9 startled, the second game to 11-7 and then the next city. The third game Fan Zhendong won the key points to 11-9 win 3-0 lead. Although the fourth inning to play a poor 8-11 lost a bureau, but the fifth inning Fan Zhendong rally to 11-6 end of the fighting, the total score 4-1 eliminated Dan Yu Xiao Xi. After the semi-finals, Fan Zhendong will face the previous out of Zhang Jike's South Korean players Li Shangzhu, the latter 1/4 final to 4-1 victory over Hong Kong, China Huang Zhenting.

Malone against the German star Boer, both sides struggling six innings, Malone won is not easy, twice twice the lead was tied. The first game Malone to 11-5 head start, the second game in Seoul after 8 level with 3 points to 11-8 win. The third game Malone advantage to 11-4 win, but the fourth inning by Bohr to 11-5 win. Fifth round Malone bang to 11-4 win, the sixth in the case of backward defeat, 11-9 end of the fighting, reversing the winning total score 4-2 out of Boer. Semi-finals Malone opponent will be Xu Xin.