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Why is the uneven wear of the diamond saw blade?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2020-10-29
The diamond bit is the main working part of the saw blade and plays a very important role.
If the cutter head has uneven wear during use in life, what causes it?
Let's find out.

The cutter head can cut marble, granite, sandstone, microcrystalline stone, quartz stone and other materials, fast cutting, small slits, and the cut stone surface is flat and uniform in size.

The uneven wear on both sides of the diamond cutter head may be due to the inclined cutting of the diamond cutter head; the water volume on both sides is different, and the water supply on one side is insufficient. We can check the tilt of the diamond head; check the cooling water system to solve it.

Boreway's diamond cutter head uses diamond flake material and metal matrix (Ti +Cr+Ni+Co, etc.) to form chemical bonds, which can reduce threshing, increase cutting edge, and extend service life.

1. Good wear resistance coefficient, long service life and high comprehensive cost performance.

2. U-shaped cutter head has good sharpness and fast cutting speed. High cutting efficiency.

3. Change the single grinding to the combination of grinding and blade cutting to optimize the sawing performance.

The reason for the deflection of the diamond cutter head is that the chips of the material to be cut are mixed in the cutting seam, causing uneven force on the body; the flange diameter is too small or the flange diameters on both sides are inconsistent; the diamond cutter head and the flange There are foreign objects in the space; it is not installed properly.

If the temperature of the diamond cutter head is too hot, it will deform and wear unevenly. The cutting heat will indeed cause slight deformation of the cutter head. As long as it is not severely deformed, it will not affect the cutting.