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Why does it feel that the life of the saw blade is short? Is there a quality problem?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Release on:2021-03-19
The life of the saw blade will be affected by various factors, including the model of the saw blade, the number of blades, particle size, ground flatness, hardness, cutting machine weight, speed, construction method (water cutting or dry cutting), grinding time and personnel experience, etc.

In order to extend the life of the saw blade, you need to pay attention to the following points in daily life:

1. Maintain the saw blade

When we buy diamond saw blades, we must pay attention to protect the saw blade, (Electroplated Diamond Saw Blade For Suppliers) .Do not take it lightly and replay it. This will cause the saw blade to deform and swing when cutting, which will affect the life of the saw blade.

2. Use cutter heads with the same specifications

In the production process, try to use new abrasive tools, so that the cutter heads out of this way can ensure the same size as possible. (China Multi layers marble blade manufacturer).The cutter head of the same size cuts more smoothly, the saw blade rotates more stably, and the consumption of each cutter head on the saw blade will be more even.

Therefore, the same size of the cutter head can extend the service life of the saw blade.

3. Ensure that the advancing speed of the slate remains stable

When our saw blade is in the cutting process, if it is an automatic cutting machine, the speed of the machine is uniform, the force of the cutter head on the diamond saw blade is uniform, and the consumption of the cutter head is also uniform, so the automatic cutting machine It is more conducive to extending the life of the saw blade. (T Head Circular Diamond Sharp Cutting Blade).On the contrary, if it is a manual cutting machine, because the slate is The advancement is manual, so the cutter head on the saw blade is unevenly stressed and consumed unevenly, which is not conducive to prolonging the life.

Cutting Blade suitable for cutting hard, medium-hard and soft stones, such as granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, etc. Suitable for all kinds of manual cutting machines or angle grinders.

In the daily stone cutting work, it is necessary to use and maintain the saw blade reasonably to reduce the consumption of the saw blade, thereby improving work efficiency and reducing consumable expenditure.

Materials with poor flatness and cement mortar floors will consume a large amount of saw blades. In this case, it is best to use different grinding blades in different construction processes. For marble, use professional marble saw blades. For different materials, try to use the corresponding ones. For diamond saw blades, please consult our sales staff if necessary.