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Where can you see the quality of the saw blade?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Release on:2020-06-18
Today we take a look at the quality of the saw blade from where:

1. First look at whether the cutter head on the diamond saw blade is on the same line.

If the cutter heads are not on the same straight line, it means that the cutter heads are irregular in size, and some may be wider or narrower. This will cause unstable cutting when cutting the stone, which will affect the quality of the saw blade.

2. Observe whether the welding seam is tightly welded to the substrate

Before the welding seam and the base body, there will be a weld seam after brazing. If the curved surface at the bottom of the cutter head is completely fused with the base body, there will be no gaps. The gaps indicate that the cutter head and the base body of the diamond saw blade are not fully fused. It is because the curved surface at the bottom of the cutter head is uneven when sanding.

3. Measure the weight of the saw blade.

The heavier the diamond saw blade, the thicker the better, because the heavier the saw blade, the greater the inertial force during cutting and the smoother the cutting. Generally speaking, the 350mm diamond blade should be around 2kg, and the 400mm diamond blade should be around 3kg.

4. Check the substrate hardness.

The higher the hardness of the substrate, the less likely it is to deform. Therefore, whether the hardness of the substrate meets the standard directly affects the quality of the saw blade during welding or cutting, it is not deformed at high temperature welding, and it is not deformed under force majeure conditions. After the base body is processed into a saw blade, it is a good saw blade.

Through the above four aspects, you can check the quality of a diamond saw blade. When buying diamond saw blades, friends may wish to compare the above points and identify whether the selected saw blade is a high-quality and durable diamond saw blade.

It can be seen from the article that the quality of the saw blade can be seen from the aspects of the uniformity of the blade head, the tightness of the welding seam, the quality of the saw blade, and the collective hardness.