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What to do if the cutting effect is not good?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2020-10-27
What should I do if the stone saw blade cuts the stone with chipped edges, not sharp enough, and the blade falls off? What caused it? 

Diamond Saw Blades for Microcrystal Stone

The height and thickness of the cutting head of the diamond saw blade are inconsistent.

1. The spindle bearing clearance is too large, open the iron cover of the spindle box to adjust the nut.

2. The accuracy of the diameter skipping the large central hole is out of tolerance; check and replace the diamond saw blade.

5 inch Diamond Saw Blade Cutting Disc

Excessive shaking during machine operation

1. Saw blade radial jump is too large, check the saw blade radial jump and change the blade.
2. The main bearing clearance is too large, open the iron cover adjustment nut of the spindle box.
3. The spindle bearing is damaged, causing the saw blade to run unsteadily; remove the spindle box to check the spindle bearing and replace it with a new one.

Uneven thickness of cut sheet

1. The transmission chain is too loose, adjust the chain tightness.

2. The basic tension is inappropriate, and the saw blade tension needs to be corrected again.

3. The nut is not tightly clamped and shakes again; tighten the clamping nut

4. The screw of the fixed trolley screw bearing seat is loose; the rotating screw should be adjusted.

5. The guide wheels are inconsistent; loosen the nut and re-adjust the same.

6. The end of the saw blade is skipped, and the saw blade is leveled and tested to pass.

7. The welding of the cutter head and the base body is asymmetrical; re-welding or replacing the saw blade.

8. The cut blocks should be less than 0.5 cubic meters; the blocks should be greater than 0.5 cubic meters.

9. The diameter of the guide rail is poor, and the degree of suspicion should be adjusted to 0.5mm by the method of pulling wire, and the level should be less than 1mm.

10. The gap between the screw and nut is large, and the gap is not eliminated during operation; pay attention to eliminate the gap in one direction during operation.