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What is the origin of diamond?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Release on:2021-08-18

Diamond stone also exists in rocks. Bush Hammer Plate Tool For Manufacturer.It has high hardness. It is also a very expensive material used in diamond tools and making diamonds.

It occurs mainly in peridotite and eclogite.

Diamond formation conditions are generally 45-6.0 Ga (equivalent to a depth of 150-200 km), and the temperature is 1100-1500 .

There are two main types of diamond-containing peridotite: kimberlite

(The name comes from a place name in South Africa-Kimberley) and potash magnesite porphyry Argyle in Western Australia.

These two types of rocks are produced by volcanic eruption.The rocks formed deep in the earth are brought to the surface or shallow parts of the earth by volcanic activity. Primary mine).

Natural diamond primary ore is mainly produced in Kimberley rock. This kind of rock tube is a fissure in the crust, which may communicate with the mantle in the future.

The Kimberlite in the rock tube is the parent rock of the diamond deposit. The cause of natural diamond has not yet been determined.Bush Hammer Roller With 45 Tip Suppliers.

A more general view is that natural diamond is crystallized in superbasic magma (according to the theory of pluralism) deep in the crust, and the depth is about 100-300Km below the surface. The most suitable crystallization conditions are 5-7 GPa pressure and 1200-1800 .

Diamonds are also divided into:

1. Gem-quality natural diamond

2.Industrial grade natural diamond

3. Synthetic diamond

Diamond is commonly known as "Ace of Diamonds". It is also the original body of diamonds that we often say.It is a mineral composed of carbon, a particulate matter composed of elemental elements in nature, and a carbon allotrope (diamond, graphene, fullerene, carbon nano Tube, Lansdale stone, etc.).

Diamond is currently the hardest substance in many natural existences found on the earth. At the same time, diamond is not produced only on the earth. It is now found that diamonds also form in the astronomical meteorite.

Its melting point is 3550 -4000 , its boiling point is 4827 , it is insoluble in water, its hardness is 10000-2500, and its density is 3470-3560kg / m3.

The absolute hardness of diamond is 4 times that of corundum and 8 times that of quartz.

Where does diamond come from?

Diamond tools have a wide range of applications,widely used in civil construction and civil engineering, stone processing industry,automotive industry, transportation industry, geological survey and defense industry and other modern high-tech fields,and in gems,medical equipment,wood, glass, stone crafts,ceramics and composite non-metallic hard and brittle materials,and many new fields continue to emerge.The demand for tools is increasing significantly year by year, cutting in crafts and industry,grinding,drilling,milling,polishing, etc.

Long before the volcanic eruption, diamond was already in deep magma and became a component of ultrabasic rocks such as Kimberley and Peridotite. With the volcanic eruption, the Kimberley magma carried diamond crystals to the surface. Therefore, Kimberlite can be considered as the messenger of the mantle.

Overview of diamond reserves and production worldwide in major diamond producing regions:

At present, the reserves of proven natural diamonds are about 2.5 billion carats, including 6.5 billion carats in Australia and 550 million carats in Zaire.

Annual global diamond output is 100 million carats. The top five countries are Australia, Zaire, Botswana, Russia, and South Africa. These five countries account for about 90% of the world's diamond output.China Frankfurt Bush Hammer Manufacturer.

The 10th in China, with an annual output of 200,000 carats, diamonds are mainly in the Liaoning Wafangdian, Shandong Mengyin and Hunan Qijiang river basins.

Where does diamond come from?