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What is the difference between wet and dry cutting of diamond saw blades?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Release on:2020-04-11

In recent years, with the increasing range of applications of diamond circular saw blades, diamond circular saw blades have been stimulated to develop at a faster rate .

In the process of cutting and processing materials with diamond circular saw blades, the method of cooling water and removing chips is generally used.
The traditional view is that when cutting, the surface friction between the saw blade and the stone and the deformation of the material generate a considerable amount of heat. At this time, the mechanical energy required for cutting is almost completely converted into heat energy. The role of adding water is to take away the heat generated by friction (cooling effect) to reduce the resistance caused by friction (lubrication effect) and to eliminate the rock cutting (cleaning effect) in time, thereby reducing the wear of the saw blade carcass and improving the saw blade Service life and working efficiency. What's the difference between wet and dry cutting?

diamond circular saw blades

1. Cooling effect plus water sawing can reduce the cutting temperature from two aspects:
It is to reduce the friction between cuttings, stone and saw blade to reduce the generation of cutting heat.

The cutting heat generated is quickly taken away from the cutting area. Since the specific heat and vaporization heat of water are larger, the cooling effect is good.

diamond circular saw blades

2. The influence of the difference of rock dust on the wear of the carcass under the conditions of dry cutting and wet cutting

When wet cutting, the depth of a single diamond carved rock is large, and the number of repeated rock crushing is small,

When wet cutting, the rock powder particles have a large diameter and are slightly angular. Under the driving of the water flow, the rock and the blade carcass are washed away, and the wear of the carcass is intense.

During dry cutting, the depth of a single diamond carved rock is shallow, the number of repeated rock crushing times is large, the rock powder is fine, the wear on the carcass is uniform; and it has a certain viscosity, and the fine rock powder adheres to the carcass to form a protective layer , It reduces the wear of the new cut rock powder on the carcass, and objectively improves the service life of the saw blade.

diamond circular saw blades

3. Small diameter saw blade cutting thin material When cutting with water

Increased the depth of a single diamond to increase its torque; 

But the service life is reduced.

Therefore, cutting with water can increase the volume of a single diamond to cut the rock at a time, so that the sawing efficiency can be improved very well.

4. For small-size saw blades, the cutting method should be selected according to different cutting objects and different working conditions.

Choose dry cutting to prolong the service life of the saw blade and reduce the cost of sawing.

Choosing wet cutting can improve sawing efficiency and shorten the construction period.

Whether the saw blade is wet or dry needs to be selected for the applicable objects without materials.