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What factors should be considered when using diamond saw blade?

Dora Zhang 2022-06-27 10:33:23
When using the saw blade, some factors should be considered in advance, and then the next step can improve the work efficiency.

1.Usage of saw blade

Generally, the new saw blade should have been bladed. If it is not bladed or is not well bladed, it can be bladed with strong abrasive materials (such as fire-resistant bricks, soft sand, etc.) before use. The same method can also be used to repair dullness and slipping during use.

2.Use safety

  • 1. install the saw blade correctly according to the operating instructions

  • 2. wear necessary protective equipment.

  • 3. straight line vertical cutting, stable feeding, curve cutting and lateral force application are strictly prohibited.

  • 4. do not dry cut continuously for a long time.

Process conditions for use of saw blade

Feed speed (s = m/min):

It mainly depends on the performance of processing materials, cutting depth, machine power, etc. Generally, the faster the feed speed is, the shorter the service life will be

3.Machining object

According to different processing objects, the saw blades for stone, concrete and ceramic tiles are selected.


Generally, the cutting effect of adding water is better than that of dry cutting. Adding water is used for cooling, cutting and lubrication. Sufficient water and reasonable direction will improve work efficiency and prolong service life.

5.Select saw blade size

Select the appropriate saw blade size. If you don't know the size, you can consult

It means to select the size and type of saw blade according to the specification and quality requirements of cutting materials.

6.Machining accuracy requirements

That is, when it is required to cut smooth surface or process thin and fragile materials, narrow groove or continuous tooth saw blade shall be selected. On the contrary, wide groove saw blade can be selected for sawing thick materials

7.Cutter head type

Select segments type suitable for diamond: We supply layer type, "K" type, "V" type, grooved type, M type, taper type, etc

8.Machinery equipment

If the equipment power is large, wear-resistant saw blade can be selected to ensure its service life; if the equipment power is small, sharp products can be selected to ensure its cutting efficiency. For the cutting machine with deflection or poor precision, it is best to select the wear-resistant saw blade. For the cutting machine with good precision, the fast saw blade can be selected.