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What are wet and dry small diameter diamond saw blades? what is the purpose?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2020-09-04

Wet and dry small diameter diamond saw blades are suitable for hand-held equipment such as manual, pneumatic cutting machines, angle grinders, etc., professional dry and wet cutting of various hardness grades of granite, marble and other stones, and various ceramics, artificial stone, concrete and other building materials.

1. The cutter head is made of high-quality diamond and metal powder mixed and sintered, sharp super long cutting;

2. Direct shipments from manufacturers, flexible customization of various specifications, reliable quality and affordable prices;

3. The substrate is made of 65 manganese alloy steel, the thickness strictly complies with the product implementation standards, high strength, firmness and stability;

4. The base body and the cutter head are optimized and reasonably matched, so that the saw blade does not burn teeth, does not lack saw, does not shake, and feels easy and fast.

Because the size of the saw blade is small and medium, it is easy to use, stable in cutting without deformation, and flexible in usage. It is one of the commonly used diamond cutting series.

1. Curve cutting and side grinding are not allowed during the cutting process. Curve cutting and side grinding are likely to cause cracks in the saw blade, blade drop off, or wear of the substrate.

2.The cutting machine should have a protective cover or other safety devices.

3. The operator should wear relevant protective equipment before operation: such as safety shoes, safety glasses, helmets, and ear protection.

4. When installing the saw blade, the direction marked on the saw blade must be consistent with the rotation direction of the cutting machine. Inconsistent directions can easily cause inability to move.

5. If the diamond saw blade is blocked during use, the saw blade will become blunt. Please use a ceramic grinding wheel or refractory brick to sharpen the blade again (the blade is to cut ten knives on the ceramic grinding wheel or refractory brick). The sharpness can be restored after re-sharpening.

6. If the diameter of the saw blade is not consistent with the main shaft of the cutting machine, a suitable size washer can be fitted, but during the cutting process, pay attention to whether the saw blade shakes, and if so, check whether the washer is off.

Loss of roundness means that one side of the saw blade bit is worn more and one side is less worn. You can see the difference in the degree of wear of the bit from the appearance.

If the washer falls off and continues to be used, it will easily cause the saw blade to jitter during cutting, and eventually cause the saw blade to lose its circle and cannot be used continuously.

Smalldiameter diamond saw blades can be used to cut hard and brittle materials such as marble, granite, concrete, refractory materials, and ceramics. The cutting equipment is generally a portable cutting machine, an angle grinder, and some products are also used on desktop machines, such as vitrified tile saw blades.