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What are marble saw blades and advantages?

Dora Zhang 2020-04-29 17:36:57

Marble is a very common material in decoration.

Advantages of sharp 400mm marble saw blade:

1. It is suitable for cutting marble slabs of various hardness, and the advantages of cutting hard marble slabs are obvious;

2 The cutting effect is excellent, without chipping or running, the stone line is smooth, the performance is safe, and the noise is very small;

3. Stable tool movement, avoiding the phenomenon of high temperature and sparks caused by rapid friction between the cutting head and the stone, resulting in deformation and falling off of the cutting head

4. The sharpness is extremely high, cutting the medium hardness 3 cm white magnolia sample, the feed speed is up to

Marble originally refers to the white limestone with black patterns produced in Dali, Yunnan Province. The marble plates are colorful, with various tones, and the patterns are different. The cross section can form a natural ink landscape painting. In ancient times, marbles with molded patterns were often used. To make screens or mosaics,

Later, the name marble was gradually developed to call all limestone with various color patterns used for building decoration materials.

Generally, there are special marble saw blades for cutting marble, and the diameter of the marble saw blade of the cutting board is 250-800mm  saw blade The saw blade for cutting block has a diameter of 900-2000mm saw blade.


1. Mainly suitable for cutting 3-4 cm thick medium and high-grade marble sheets, such as: Magnolia, Golden Century, etc.

2. Suitable for hand push cutting machine and infrared automatic bridge cutting machine.

3. In terms of rock hardness, marble is soft stone and granite is medium hard stone.

4. Granite has a slight advantage in terms of hardness. As far as rock types are concerned, marble is transformed rock and granite is igneous rock.

In addition, marble has many colors and colors,

Marble is a modified or deposited carbonate rock. The organization is fine, firm, polished, diverse in color, beautiful in color, and small in radiation.

Because marble saw blades are not suitable for outdoor use, they are usually used for interior decoration.

Marble advantages:

Because marble is more beautiful, with rich patterns and soft colors, it will have a high-grade, rich and gorgeous effect after paving. In this way, higher demands are placed on the processing of marble. The cutting requirements of marble saw blades are much higher than those of granite saw blades. There will be no falling edges and falling corners.rs.