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Wen Zhiyin published a speech on governance: Peninsula can not be armed conflict Korea will not have

  • Author:chois.dong
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-11-03
China news agency, Seoul, November 1 (Reporter Wu Xu) South Korean President Wen Jiaoyin delivered a speech in his parliamentary speech on January 1, reiterating that the DPRK nuclear issue and the realization of peace on the peninsula are the basic principles of the government and urged Congress to discuss constitutional amendment as soon as possible Matters.

Wen pointed out that in order to achieve security and peace in the Korean Peninsula, no force conflict should ever occur on any peninsula and no one should carry out military operations in the peninsula without the consent of South Korea.

Wen said that according to the "Peninsula Denuclearization Declaration signed before the DPRK and the ROK, the ROK will not allow North Korea to develop nuclear weapons and South Korea itself will not develop or possess nuclear weapons. He emphasized that sanctions and pressure on North Korea are the means to push North Korea back to the dialogue.

In terms of amending the constitution, Wen intended to hold a referendum on the constitutional amendment while holding local elections next year. He said it is appropriate to listen to public opinion and to amend the constitution is in line with public opinion. The goal is to expand the basic rights of the people and at the same time strengthen the limits of power of local government.

In the economic field, the article says that the current polarization problem in Korean society hinders the economic development and the building of a harmonious society in South Korea. To improve this issue, the government will promote "people-oriented" economic development and provide individuals and businesses with opportunities for fair and fair competition by creating more jobs and expanding household incomes to boost domestic demand.

Wen said that the government will focus its budget next year on creating jobs and increasing national disposable income while expanding its budget for the environment and public safety.