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What are the effects of stone processing?

What products can stone be processed into? Stone can be made of a wide range of products, as long as wood can be made, stone can also be made, and the hardness and effect are better than wooden products, more atmospheric, and longer life.
What are the effects of processing the stone surface? What is the function of fixed thickness?

What is the thickness of the base of the ultra-thin saw blade?

Ultra-thin diamond saw blade refers to high-precision special-purpose diamond cutting blade.According to different bonding agents, the production is divided into metal bonding agents, resin bonding agents and electroplated diamond cutting blades.

How to use corrugated ceramic saw blade correctly?

Ceramic Blade Disc is a particularly stable and mature diamond saw blade, especially suitable for cutting ceramics, porcelain.

How to protect yourself against the epidemic?

Boreway will continue to provide customers with comfortable services,high-quality dry-cut small saw blades,multi-size saw blades,Litchi surface grinding disc for grinding concrete and other products.

What should diamond tools know?

A diamond tool is nominally a tool for making diamonds, and then a tool for consolidating diamond with a binder to have a certain shape, structure, and size is a diamond tool.
Among them, common diamond abrasive pastes, rolling saw blades, cold-embedded diamond wire drawing dies, cold-embedded diamond tools, brazed diamond composite blade tools, etc., are all kinds of diamond tools.

What is the difference between wet and dry cutting of diamond saw blades?

In recent years, with the increasing range of applications of diamond circular saw blades, diamond circular saw blades have been stimulated to develop...

What are the key technologies for diamond tool manufacturing?

Due to the hardness of diamond tools High, good wear resistance, High thermal conductivity, low coefficient of friction and thermal expansion, strong ...

What polishing methods do abrasive mills have?

The polishing in plastic mold processing is very different from the surface polishing required in other industries. Strictly speaking, the polishing o...


Use and Characteristics of Laser Welding Diamond Drill Bir

Ordinary drill bits can be used for home decoration drilling, but this kind of drill bit cannot be used on rock and other hard objects because it cannot be used for a long time. We Diamond Dry Core Drill Bit Manufacturer BOREWAY provide diamond drill bits that can be used on rock and other hard materials. Diamond drill bits are not only used for time Long and can be reused.

The diamond bit includes a bit body and diamond teeth. The working end of the diamond bit body is uniformly provided with diamond bit support bodies and nozzles along the circumferential direction. The diamond bit support body is provided with grooves, and the grooves are inlaid with diamond bit diamond teeth. The teeth are connected to the diamond tooth support by brazing or silver welding;  diamond drill bits can be classified into hot pressing and electroplating according to the manufacturing method.(Diamond PC Drill Bit Wholesales)

BOREWAY supply of Laser Welded Diamond Core Drill Bit this diamond core drill bit for sandstone are produced by silver welding,It can be suitable for stand drilling machines or electrical hand-held drillers or CNC machine, Used for stone core,does not damage the stone .(Diamond Crown Drill Bit Silver Welding Factory)

Product Feature:
1. Laser welded technology avoid segments off when dry working
2. Dry or Wet Drilling-use wet will greatly prolong the segment life
3. Vacuum brazed side protection offers clean cut & steel core protection (inside and outside both)
4. Supreme Grade and Special bond matrix extends drilling life and improve the working efficiency
5. Ideal for drilling the faucet mounting holes in stone countertops, plumbing lines in showers and vanities