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Twenty-Four Solar Terms: Great Heat

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2020-07-22
July 22, 2020 is the heat of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar.

The summer heat is the hottest season of the year. The summer heat is also the fastest growing season for crops. Droughts, waterlogging, and wind disasters are the most frequent in various places.

Great heat (Great heat) is the hottest solar term of the year. It is around two volts. In many places in the Yangtze River valley, 40°C high temperatures often occur during Great Heat. Do a good job of preventing heatstroke and cooling down. This solar term has a lot of rain, so pay attention to flood prevention.

Despite this, we still do not forget to take time out on this day of the year, hold various folk activities, and send good hopes for life in the hot summer.

"Moon Order Seventy-two Hou Jijie": "In June, ... heat and heat are divided into large and small. The beginning of the month is small, the middle of the month is big, and the heat is now Judas." Around the value of "Zhong Fu", it is the hottest period of the year, with the highest temperature and the fastest growth of crops. Droughts, floods, and wind disasters are also the most frequent in most areas. Tasks such as rushing for crops, drought and flood prevention, and field management are very important. weight.

The folk customs of the summer solar term are mainly embodied in the aspect of eating. The folk diet customs in this season are roughly divided into two types: one is to eat cool foods to cool off the heat. For example, there is a proverb in the southeastern part of Guangdong: eat grass in the great summer heat in June, and live like a god and never grow old. In Taiwan, my country has the custom of eating pineapples during the Great Summer, because pineapples are the best in this season and have the effect of fighting fire.

If you use a saw blade to cut in hot weather, grinding block grinding, abrasive grinding, drill bit drilling and other tools for work, please add more water and rest, try not to expose to the sun, to prevent heatstroke, drink more refreshing drinks to reduce the fire, so that the body can get a good rest.