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Trump's first visit to Middle East reunion: US Saudi Arabia to relive honeymoon

  • Author:Chois Dong
  • Source:Www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-05-24
May 20 to 23rd, U.S. President Trump visited Saudi Arabia, Israel and Palestine, opened his first diplomatic show. Trump puts the Middle East in a transatlantic relationship, highlighting the character of his businessman's president and his family-style diplomacy. At the same time, the marathon trip to the Middle East Europe denied Trump's once-lofty isolationist slogan, not only to show the world that the United States will regain its traditional Middle East policy, but will continue to play the role of leading the Middle East and leading the world.
Tramps-Chendon trip is a combination of virtual reality, visit the Saudi harvest Basin full of full, out of expectations; visit the Chingtang, empty-handed. But, in any case, Trump's Middle East has unleashed signals outlining the outlines of U.S. regional diplomacy.
Reunion: US Saudis relive honeymoon
Trump may be the latest U.S. leader to go abroad after the White House, and the "Twitter"-ruled "otaku" president took office 4 months before he went abroad, indicating that his interest in international affairs was far less than his predecessor's, and could largely corroborate the isolationist stance of his campaign. But, after all, the United States is the world's only superpower, the diplomacy of the interior of the tradition and inertia, can not be capricious by the president of the door not two.
If Trump's first choice in the Middle East is surprising, the first station to opt for Saudi Arabia proves that he does not play by common sense. During the campaign, Trump demonstrated a strong anti-Islamic mood, once with the Prince of Saudi Arabia in a Twitter campaign. After the stage, Trump and repeatedly strong push "limit mu order", although Saudi Arabia has not been included in the target country, but the Saudi leader of the Islamic world as a potatoes, and even disregard the "9.11 Act" transmission of the establishment of the anti-sand public opinion atmosphere, it is really zi turn too fast, step too large.
Trump's happiness and hatred is almost an indisputable fact. However, his selective amnesia was also quite obvious. He bowed his knee to the Saudi king's medals, causing accusations in the country, not all of which he deigned to compromise the face of superpower, but a respectful humility that he had strongly criticized a few years ago for Mr. Obama's first visit to Saudi Arabia and his audience with King Abdullah.
However, the shrewd Trump can stretch, Chatel first to the United States to make a full face, with the fruitful results of the success of those who attacked his murmur suddenly faded. The grand welcome scene, the elderly King Salman on crutches personally to the airport to meet, this is the other big country leaders visit has not enjoyed the super standard treatment, is enough to reflect the United States status, which is also the last year Obama again visited the cold reception of a strong contrast.
What's more, Trump's trip was a boon for the US: A $110 billion arms contract, a 70-year history of U.S.-Saudi relations, and a $350 billion follow-on arms deal for the next 10 years, which would ensure that the United States took US $35 billion of its purchases from the Saudis every year. The two mega-deals mean that Trump has returned to an extremely lucrative list for the manufacturing industry, which is leading the U.S. arms industry, and will bring considerable job opportunities. According to Russian media reports, Saudi Arabia is also prepared to increase the U.S. $ more than 40 billion in investment, the two sides plan to create $number jobs in the new technology, energy and industry.
Without the prior private blending, it is difficult to imagine greed Tramps first to the Saudi Arabian Islamic country's wharf. The Obama administration pursued a strategic contraction in the late years, trying to strike a balance between Saudi Arabia and Iran's strategic rivals, leading to an increasingly cold and jarring relationship. Trump this scenery of the Saudi Arabian trip, marked the United States sand relations over difficult chapters, reunited, and then warm honeymoon. While Saudi Arabia spends a huge amount of foreign exchange, it has also been able to tie the United States military alliance closer by acquiring a large number of advanced U.S. weapons and equipment, strengthening its defence capabilities and deterrence.
Prominent responsibility: Trump's multilateral opera
Trump visited Saudi Arabia and, in addition to bilateral issues, used the stage in Riyadh to complete several multilateral issues. Trump has held a summit with more than more than 40 Arab and Islamic heads of State to close the relationship between the United States and the Islamic world and strengthen counter-terrorism cooperation. Even analysts believe that Trump is building an "Arab version of NATO." The success of the Riyadh summit has at least underscored the desire of the United States to improve relations with the Islamic world, easing the negative comments of the Islamic world on the previous unfriendly policies and positions of Trump and highlighting the leadership role of Youboy.
During the Riyadh summit, Trump openly appealed to the Islamic countries to resist religious extremism and its instigated terrorist groups, urging Islamic religious leaders to stand up for "barbaric and evil piety", and stressed that counter-terrorism was not a clash of civilizations but a confrontation between good and evil. It is clear that Trump's remarks are aimed at stressing that the Western world, led by the United States, has no intention of falling into a clash of civilizations with the Islamic world, and encouraging deeper reforms and a clean-door within Islam. Of course, is also the domestic hard-line public opinion.
The visit to Israel and Palestine was another important objective of the Tramps-Chendon, in which the visit to Bethlehem in the Palestinian city was only a foil and political balance, and Israel was the focus of the country. However, in any case, with the Saudi Arabian trip than, the visit to the virtual much less real, formality also show solicitude.
Trump has a deep roots in American Jewry, with strong support from the Jewish consortium and voters during the campaign. More crucially, his son-in-law, who was actually in charge of diplomacy, was Jewish and her daughter converted to Judaism. Mr Trump has repeatedly criticized Obama's policy of alienating Israel, publicly condemning the expansion of settlements for the Senqui of Israel, and pledging to relocate the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, where it is still pending.
Israel's expectation of Trump is unquestionable, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not only warmly congratulated Trump on his election, but also became the first foreign head of the White House to talk to him. Trump's first trip to Israel as a second station, both a willing and reciprocated consideration, but also to confirm the United States to Israel's security obligations. As for the promotion of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, Trump has not yet been a spectrum, and neither Pakistan nor the conditions, which is doomed to his trip can not have substantial gains.
Trump, who had met Netanyahu at the White House, said he was willing to accept any form of Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, indirectly overturning the "two-state plan" upheld by previous governments. Using the visit, Trump made a policy clarification with a simultaneous visit to Palestine, openly expressing his willingness to push the peace process forward. Before the trip, U.S. Secretary of state Tillerson said Trump's visit to the Middle East was "an opportunity to promote Israeli-Palestinian peace talks", in fact, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance movement (Hamas) announced in May the acquiescence of Israel, the historic adjustment of its position, and indeed created new opportunities for the United States to mediate conflict. However, Trump did not propose any new proposals in Palestine, indicating that he was well aware of the complexities and difficulties of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Although Trump insists that the United States has cut-and-touch ties, it is friends, allies and partners, but it is unambiguous on sensitive issues. Although he first opened the United States President's visit to Jerusalem's Jewish Wailing Wall site precedent, but refused to be accompanied by Israeli officials, to define the wall of wailing as private activities to avoid disputes. Once promised to move the U.S. embassy issue, Trump never mention.
Trump to visit the Middle East, in addition to clique also want to clear opponents. This opponent is Iran. In the Obama era, the role of Iran in the release of space, the United States both offended Saudi Arabia and Israel. Trump has publicly accused Iran of testing missiles and organising and sponsoring international terrorist networks, casting a heavy shadow over future U.S.-Iranian relations.
During his campaign, Trump has repeatedly referred to Iran in more than 60, vowing to abolish the nuclear deal signed by Iran and the world's six powers. Although Trump did not say yes, but he did because the Iranian missile test launched new sanctions against Iraq.
Mr Trump, who is close to Saudi Arabia and most Islamic countries, has isolated Iran and shown an enhanced posture, and apparently wants to curb Russia's influence in the Middle East to put aside his dangerous relationship with Russia. Trump's new Enging policy, which objectively intensifies the confrontation between the United States and Iran, will also intensify the regional religious and ethnic conflicts. Mr Trump's visit comes as Iranian President Ruhani, who signed the nuclear deal, again won the election victory. Whether U.S.-Iraq relations continue to improve or worsen, ultimately depends on Trump's Middle East policy and regional power game. So far, Trump's Middle East policy has not yet been fully stereotyped, although it has already been outlined.