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Trump Maqilong shake hands 25 seconds "brother of the dispute" out of the unitary moth

  • Author:Chois.dong
  • Source:Www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-07-14
At the invitation of French President Markron, US President Trump arrived in France on the 13th to open a 36-hour tour. Visit the Paris Agreement signed in the city of Paris, how to face the climate is not open around the topic of change, Trump will be how to say? In other areas, how can the two sides redefine transatlantic relations?
【News Facts】
Mark Long and Trump held talks in Paris on the 13th. At the joint press conference held after the talks, Markron acknowledged that there was disagreement between the two sides on global climate governance, but did not directly criticize Trump.
"The Paris Agreement," Markron said, "respect for the decision of President Trump", but do not agree with its interpretation of this important climate agreement, hope the future and the United States to deal with climate change issues to discuss. He said that he would continue to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement in a step-by-step manner.
The leaders of the two countries have said that differences do not affect the communication and cooperation between the two sides on other important international issues. France and the United States will continue to strengthen cooperation in the Syrian peace process and propose the establishment of a new liaison group to effectively promote the peace process in the Middle East, particularly in Syria, within the framework of the United Nations and formulate an inclusive political road map.
【In-depth analysis】
Trump came to power, the issue of climate change between the United States and Europe to become a big difference between the points. June 1 this year, Trump announced that the United States will withdraw from the "Paris Agreement", said the agreement to the United States to bring "harsh financial and economic burden." In the recent G7 summit, G20 Hamburg summit and other occasions, the United States and Europe in this respect is very significant differences.
Analysts believe that "the United States preferred" is the established policy of the Trump government, objectively must ignore the interests of other countries, leading to US foreign policy deviated from international cooperation in the global governance model, thus affecting the US-European relations.
But Mark Long did not tangle on this issue, at the 13th joint press conference, in addition to a few can not avoid the problem, he carefully avoided the emphasis on the United States and Europe differences. In the words of the Washington Post, he and Trump's 13th day were filled with arrangements for expressing close contact with the outside world and "working together in the same way." After experiencing the beginning of the incompatibility, the US-European relations have gradually embarked on the track of "seeking common ground while reserving differences".
【First comment】
After experiencing the first visit of Trump to Europe and the traditional ally, and the "Paris Agreement" "back to the group", the European public outcry. "American provocation of the world" "goodbye, the United States," the argument is endless.
Now, Trump came to Paris, the birthplace of the Paris Agreement, but the "goodbye Paris" position was not loosened. Although he said at a press conference that there could be some new developments in the future on the agreement, the critics generally agreed that it was "polite".
Since the Cold War, the balance of transatlantic relations, Europe is the United States "little brother" role no change. In addition to climate change, economic and trade and other specific issues on the passing, Europe and the United States is always a family, the battle is also a "brother of the dispute", not a large unitary moth.
Where does the US-Europe relationship go? Little noisy is the main line, the European people to take the uncertain United States no way, public opinion at least over mouth addiction. The day is too hot, the Europeans can only quietly open the air conditioning, the United States from the sleeves away