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The main origin of diamond

  • Author:Sherry Huang
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2016-01-22
Bernat BrotherhoodIn 1870 he discovered the Kimberley diamond mine. It is this discovery so that people know that there is likely to contain diamonds in which the rock.

Originally, it was a kind of volcanic rock in ancient times after the magma cooled formed. Next, the researchers also found that, in this volcanic rock in addition to diamond, also contains two minerals are called garnet and olivine. Therefore, in those locations produce garnet and olivine, the possibility of finding a diamond mine is relatively large. Thus, garnet and peridot has become to find a diamond "indicator minerals."

According to find the diamond indicator minerals mine approach is not in one day suddenly discovered. 70s of last century, the Smithsonian Institute, geochemist John Jani carefully studied the relationship between garnet and diamond after published his findings. However, before that, namely the 1950s, De Beers diamond mine geology have long to find indicator minerals in the world according to the.

Around the world have found a diamond mine. Among them, Australia, Congo, Russia, Botswana and South Africa are the famous five diamond origin.

A geophysicist at the University of Massachusetts study, Dr. Steven Haggerty in 1999's diamond-containing lava around the world and found that these lavas contain diamonds, at least in the past seven different times throughout the spray out of the magma formed, one of the oldest lava is about 1 billion years ago. In these seven eruption period to regions across Africa and Brazil, to 120 million years ago to 80 million years ago ejected magma contained diamond the most. At that time coincided with the Cretaceous period dinosaur era heyday. Lava containing diamond, the latest is 2200 million years ago ejected magma formation. As for the lava that formed later if it contains a diamond, you can not be sure.

Since 1971, two decades, few have been discovered in China more than 50 kt and over 100 kt diamond, found in chronological order according to time is as follows:
1. September 25, 1971, next to the road Suqian, Jiangsu Province, found a heavy 52.71 karats of diamonds.
2. Dec. 21, 1977, in Shandong Province Lin Shuxian Chang Lin Brigade, female members Weizhen Fang found a weight 158.786 kt quality Juzuan, transparent, color yellow, can be called "China's most" diamonds. It was named "Chang Lin Diamond"
3. August 15, 1981, Chen port in Shandong Tancheng find a 124.27 karats of diamond giant grain. It was named "Chen port One."
4.1982 In September 2009, Chen port in Shandong Tancheng found a 96.94 karats of diamonds.
5.1983 in May Chen port in Shandong Tancheng found a 92.86 karats of diamonds.
6. November 14, 1983, in Shandong Mengyin found a 119.01 karats of diamond giant grain, was named "Monsanto One." Mengyin diamond mine is the largest of the original ore.

According to 1987 data, China's major diamond mining are: ① Liaodong - Jinan Cheng Mining, Mesozoic and Paleozoic two kimberlite. ② Luxi, Jiangsu, northern Anhui into the mining area, may have more of lower Paleozoic kimberlite. ③ Shanxi, Henan, Hebei as mining, kimberlite has been found in the Taihang Mountains, Songshan Mountain and other places. ④ Hunan, Guizhou, Hubei, Sichuan into the mine, has been in Hunan Yuan River basin found four diamond placer with industrial value.

Hunan diamond, produced in Changde Dingjiagang, Taoyuan, Guizhou and other places. In Hunan diamond placer, mainly distributed in the Yuanjiang River Basin, scattered distribution, low grade, but good quality gem diamonds account for about 40%. According to legend, in the Ming Dynasty, Hunan Yuanjiang River Valley have sporadic diamond found that large-scale prospectors began in nineteen fifties. Yuanjiang diamond are distributed throughout the waters, but only the value of mining Dingjiagang Changde, Taoyuan County car rushing creek, Xupu (Guizhou) Shinjo ridge, Yuanling county kiln, etc. 4.

Hunan DiamondThe color shades, both inside and outside the color differences are significant, zonal, patchy distribution. Its brown series of diamond crystals was brown, clean interior surfaces have a lot of brown spots, brown spots of its color yellow, tan, brown, black, etc., mainly in the diamond surface erosion, mainly by the nature of radioactivity brown Radiation particles cause. Diamond particles are small overall, but better quality, monocrystalline, accounting for about 98% of total production; crystal relatively intact, with octahedron, dodecahedron, six octahedron is more; the vast majority of transparent or colored crystal yellow, brown, etc; grain weight much less than 28mg, usually 10.9 ~ 15mg; 22% crystals containing inclusions; 60% of the crystal surface cracks, surface erosion is not heavy.

Moyu County in Hotan Prefecture, Xinjiang diamond discovery
In 1945, Moyu County unearthed a weight 0.5 carat diamond, was acquired by a Soviet person, stored in Moscow exhibition. 1963 for the Chinese Embassy in the Soviet embassy found that the matter conveyed to the State Ministry of Geology, Ministry of Geology and Geological Bureau instructed the Xinjiang survey task to Hotan in the first inch 'Geological Brigade. After twenty years of access to the investigation, and finally confirmed by the fact that in 1984. {Sunrise wave Peng village land point is not described in the original, but in spit 斯阿克 it. Spit 斯阿克 its 40 kilometers away from Hotan 65 km away from the city Moyu County. October 1984 17 orders,Moyu CountyForward commune two management areas of the Third Brigade two squad members trading in spit Sie Ke Ti Nuer numbness mention their second teeth diamond discovery. Fengyun carat diamond weight O.2028 main crystalline eight and body bent crystal edge curved, slightly yellowish brown, transparent. It does not emit light in the ultraviolet; x-ray issued sky blue, identified by the regional geology bureau, indeed the diamond. July 6, 1985, re-transmission of good news spit las Kerry, Moyu County gold mine workers 王峻青 from the ground 2.5 meters deep in the ground and found pieces of heavy O.221 - carat diamond. Thus, it has unearthed Si Ake spit diamond three. Diamond is a crystalline form of carbon in the form of high temperature and high pressure, is the hardest mineral in nature, hardness lO, ~ - like Sichuan as a senior abrasive cutting material, also usedjewelry.