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The hardest substance to diamond than the advent of "man" 40 times

  • Author:Huang Xueyu
  • Source:www.boreway.net
  • Release on:2016-04-14
    According to the British"Daily Mail"April 13 reported that recently, the results of a research team from the University of Vienna showed that scientists first synthesized and mass production linear carbene carbon, such rigidity carbene carbon called diamond is 40 times, can be used for future technical equipment. By Thomas? Pique Harrell (Thomas Pichler) research team led by the University of Vienna developed a carbene carbon production technologies.

    Carbene carbon chain is extremely unstable, in order to confirm the presence of this carbon chain, the researchers used a different type of x-ray scattering spectra and exploratory. The results showed that the carbene carbon chain not only in the above conditions exist, but also to maintain stability under the conditions of the electrical characteristics. Thus, the researchers used a double-walled carbon nanotube technology consisting of two layers of graphene, and constantly extended its previous longest carbon chain is not more than 100 carbon atoms, extending carbene carbon chain has reached 6400. However, the Institute for the time spent is 50 times before.

In 1885, Adolf? Von? Bayer (Adolf von Baeyer) first proposedLinear carbene carbonThe concept, then he would be described as such a linear acetylene carbon carbon chain can be infinitely extended, that is, we now know that the carbene carbon chain, but not the right way to achieve its unlimited extension.

Now, scientists have not only developed a carbene carbon chains, and its tough nature can be used for futureNanoelectronicsAnd fiber optic equipment. The first author of the research paper NVC (Lei Shi) will study the carbene carbon chains as "brilliant prospects step" is "to expose linear carbon allotrope true veil is the ultimate goal of a major across. " The study in order to solve and control the mechanical properties of low-dimensional carbon-based material to provide a strong practical and theoretical. Prior to this, the closed geometry and quantum dynamics associated with research on electronic phase transition is impossible, but for this study carbene carbon to provide a strong experimental basis.