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The diamond saw blade wholesaler introduces you to how to maintain stone floor tips?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Release on:2020-05-28

The floor of the house is made of stone, so its maintenance is also very important work. If it is not maintained in time, it will not achieve a good decorative effect of the stone and will shorten life.

However, if you ask a professional for maintenance, the cost of a small area is very high, so we need to master some common sense and tips for stone preservation.

diamond grind for stone

What you need: Dust mop, weight mop.

Step 1: If possible wash the stone floor regularly once a day. The frequency of dust removal is determined according to the flow of people.

Step 2: Use a wet wipe to clean the floor, if necessary, use stone soap. You can also clean with just clean water.

step 3: Wet drying and polishing Every two or three years ask for a stone floor, or a specialist to polish it. When you find that the stone floor is starting to fade, you need to use refurbished tablets from the manufacturers Boreway Polished.

Step 4: In the event of an overflow, remove it immediately.

Step 5: Repair deep scratches on the stone floor, ask an expert for repairs, and it is best to deal with it when you have time.

diamond grind for stone


1. If there is no stone soap, it can be replaced with neutral soap.

2. It is better to use dust mop and weight mop separately, and do not use it elsewhere.

3. Prevent gravel dust from entering the stone floor, they will scratch and destroy the floor.

4. Do not use vinegar, chemical cleaners, or wax on stone floors.

5. If the glow on the stone floor becomes dull, there is only one way to fix it, which is Grinding.

diamond grind for stone