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The definition of high frequency welding

  • Author:bourne
  • Source:Boreway machinery
  • Release on:2015-09-26
High frequency welding, it is the use of high frequency current produced by the skin effect and the adjacent effect, steel and other metal materials butt up a new type of welding process. The emergence of high frequency welding technology and mature, it is straight seam welded pipe (ERW) the key to the production process. High frequency welding quality is good or bad, directly affects the whole strength of the welded pipe products, the quality level and production speed. In diamond tools, diamond saw blade cutter welding using this technique. 

The so-called high frequency, which is relative to the frequency of 50 hz alternating current, generally refers to the 50 KHZ to 400 KHZ high frequency current. And the high frequency current through the metal conductor will produce two kinds of peculiar effects: skin effect and proximity effect, high frequency welding is in using the two kinds of effect for the welding of steel pipe. Then, the two effects is how to return a responsibility?

Skin effect Refers to a certain frequency of alternating current through a conductor, the current density is not evenly distributed in all the cross-section of the conductor, it will mainly to concentrate in the surface of the conductor, the current in the conductor surface density is big, inside the conductor of the density is small, so we vividly called: "skin effect". Skin effect is usually to measure with current penetration depth, penetration depth value is smaller, the skin effect more significant. The penetration depth and the conductor is directly proportional to the square root of the resistivity, and the frequency and the permeability is inversely proportional to the square root. In layman's terms, the higher the frequency, current, the more concentrated on the surface of steel plate; The lower the frequency, surface current, the more dispersed. Must pay attention to: although steel is a conductor, but its permeability will fall with a rise of temperature, that is, when the steel plate temperature, permeability will decline, skin effect will decrease.

Proximity effect Refers to the high frequency current in the conductor of two adjacent reverse flow, the current will be similar to the two conductors on the edge of concentrated flow, even if the two conductors in addition there is a short edge, current does not flow along the shorter route, we call this effect: the "proximity effect.