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Suffered Henghuo rain umbrella suspected by lightning burns 2 junior middle school students

  • Author:Chois Dong
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-06-11
Get to school in the rain to the roadside waiting, but inexplicably lost consciousness faint, wake up and found that multiple body burn injury...... The morning of May 31st, home Changchun Jingyue high tech Zone, Changchun attended fifty-fifth school two junior male students suffered this unexpected trouble "".
When waiting for the bus suddenly fell to the ground
Around 12 noon on June 11th, Mr. Lin told the new cultural reporter about the situation of Zhou's classmate suspected of being struck by lightning. He said it was Zhou Tongchuang's brother-in-law, "May 31st morning rain, my brother-in-law and Yang Tongchuang were playing an umbrella, don't know what's going on is lightning to, now hospitalized, may not participate in the senior high school entrance examination at the end of the month."
According to information provided by Mr. Lin, June 11th 2 pm reporter went to the hospital in a Changchun burn, burn, ward 105, met Zhou Tongchuang, he was lying on the bed looking at the ceiling, to pass next to the bed snoring minor burns, with Yang Tongchuang was asleep, the right hand from time to time under the two leg redness and torsion even a white burn area.
"That day we both stepped back down the road, and then we didn't know anything." Who lives in the new town, Jia Guan Cun Yi Jia Gou Zhou Tongchuang recalled, "that morning, I around 6 points in Yi Jia Gou Mizobe car, then under the rain, Xiao Yang and I take an umbrella, the umbrella is his."
Zhou Tongchuang and Yang Tongchuang were waiting for the suburban bus to the middle of fifty-five. "At that time there was water in the sky, and a private car came again. We were afraid of splashing on the water. We went back together. After that, neither of us knew it."."
"When I woke up, he felt numb, his right arm is dark. I know I'm lying on the ground, but I just can't get up." Zhou Tongchuang saw one side on the ground or classmate Yang coma, pale, was found foaming at the mouth, "I knew very sober, but really do not remember how it like this."
Week old scratched the back of the head, said he didn't see the lightning, did not hear the thunder, don't know why the lost know, until another classmate came, "he was scared stunned, I told him to go to the people, then I were in the village of the car to the city's hospital."
Affect parents worry about entrance
"I didn't expect it to be like this. When I was carrying an umbrella, I didn't play with my cell phone."." Bleary eyed Yang Tongchuang said. Yang mother from the drawer took out his son's cell phone, said, "this is still installed broadband gift, and now all can not open, and may be caused by lightning."." Since Yang Tongchuang was holding the umbrella, the injury is week classmate heavier, the other also left traces of slight burn, scabby fall off after a significant white print.
Yang mother and Zhou mother thought that the child was suffering from lightning, watching his son wrapped around gauze hands and feet and abdomen, Yang mother rubbed wet red eyes, "how can the child be innocent for this crime?" The folding umbrella umbrella is ordinary, playing so often did not have worked out!"
The most let her worry is Yang Tongchuang Burns's finger and toe left foot, "said the doctor may down the root cause, unable to return to normal."
It is understood that at present, Yang spent nearly 40 thousand yuan medical expenses, Zhou also spent nearly 20 thousand yuan medical expenses, "the child designated to keep scars, he was only 15 years old ah!"." Looking at the son's right arm, right foot, ankle and waist and abdomen and other areas of burns, Zhou mother very distressed, "every time I look at the child dressing change, I worried, charred rotten meat down, children bite lips cry."."
"Two children can not get out of bed, walk, eat and drink, depend on their parents for help."." The two mothers worried that two children because of burns very difficult to participate in 6 at the end of the senior high school entrance examination, "I called to ask the child's teacher, the teacher said to drop out, but it didn't seem to test again next year at one or two class in high school." Hearing this week, anxious mother in tears. "Don't read this book due to lightning Zezheng ah, but it relates to the child a lifetime thing ah!"
"I also want to join the class of small partners in the exam, in a few days to shoot graduation photos, I really don't want to be absent."." Zhou Tongchuang, lying in bed, sobbed.
School: understand the situation and answer
Subsequently, the new culture reporter contacted the president of Changchun fifty-fifth high school, President Han said, the school knows two students after the encounter, teachers and students have been launched to stop donations. As for the inability to participate in the entrance examination and the suspension, President Han said he would answer the question carefully to the education department.
According to the new cultural reporter query, Changchun climate station at 5:15 on May 31, 2017 issued a lightning yellow warning signal: "the estimated future 12 hours I have lightning weather, local central may be accompanied by thunderstorms or hail."