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Shannon dialogue: Australian Prime Minister avoids being in the U.S.

  • Author:Chois Dong
  • Source:Www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-06-03
"Fish, small fish eat shrimp." "This Chinese proverb runs through the keynote speech of Australian Prime Minister Turnbull at the opening dinner at the 16th session of the Shangri-La Dialogue."
The head of the Chinese military delegation, vice president of the PLA Academy of Military Sciences, Hele, will conclude after the dinner that Mr Turnbull has used this analogy to put forward his ideal Asia-Pacific security order, saying that small countries should bear their own responsibilities and accountability.
In a more than 20-minute speech, Turnbull read the contents of the transparent teleprompter, corrected it again and again after reading the wrong word, with little or no fluctuation in intonation.
Like his tone in his speech, Mr Turnbull deliberately avoided a bias between China and the United States, "(Australia should choose the Chinese or the US) is a complete false proposition." We have good friends and partners in Beijing and we have allies in Washington. He said in his speech.
Brendan Taylor, director of the Center for Strategic and Defense research at the National University of Australia, told surging News (www.thepaper.cn) before Mr Turnbull's speech that how Australia should find its place between China and the US is a hotly debated topic in Australia, said Brandon Taylor. In his speech, Turnbull will steer clear of the debate, insisting that Australia does not need to make a choice between China and the US.