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Sansha found the world's deepest ocean blue hole is eligible name "Paradise Cave"

After experts in the field of exploration confirmed the afternoon of 24 government Sansha officially named the Xisha Islands Paradise atoll ocean blue hole is "Sansha Paradise Cave"(SanshaYongleBlueHole), which proved to be the world's deepest known ocean blue hole, 3-Shashi Paracel Islands Paradise Island atoll Jinqing island and reef stone plate to a depth of 300.89 meters, the address coordinates of latitude 16 ° 31 ' 30 ", longitude 111 ° 46'05".

Ocean Blue Hole is a natural geographical phenomenon rare earth, watching the Blue Hole and the surrounding waters exhibit different dark blue, and in the sea to form a huge deep hole from the sea, the scientists as "global human heritage of the last secrets of the universe reserved . " Had been proven ocean blue hole in the world rankings for the depth: Long Island, Bahamas Deans Blue Hole (202 meters), Egypt Hada Bu Blue Grotto (130 meters), Honduras and Belize Great Blue Hole (123 meters), Malta Gozo Blue Cave (60 m), Xisha Paradise blue hole depth sharply broke the world ocean blue hole record.

"Sansha Paradise Cave" has a long legend, Hainan fishermen called Stand here where, Monkey pulling Dinghaishenzhen do Ruyi Jingu Bang, leaving unfathomable Cave; there are fishermen say Cave is the eye of the South China Sea, South China Sea possession Zhenhai treasure.

August 2015 to June 2016,XishaInstitute of track by using a side sweep sonar equipment, electronic counting plumb, deep sea currents meter deep sea water quality analyzers, underwater robots, underwater photography equipment, camera equipment and other equipment, using scientific equipment to detect and artificial diving observed and measured the combination of method proved successful blue hole depth and the basic form. Chinese Academy of Engineering Meng is the team leader of the probe results found credible.

After exploration, Xisha Paradise Blue Hole substantially vertical cave, blue hole diameter of 130 meters, about 36 meters in diameter cave, inside the cave and have not been observed off the coast of China Unicom blue, the water inside the cave had no flow. By visual inspection, the upper cave discovery and surrounding waters like 20 species of fish and other marine life.

Shashi Government noted that "three sand Paradise Cave" has a very high scientific value and historical and cultural value,ChinaGovernment and the people's long-standing witness to environmental protection.