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Russian military exercises and 45 American intercontinental missile deterrence Sade in Korean

  • Author:chois.dong
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-03-17
Han Guoqiang push "Sade" anti-missile system into and seriously threaten the security of neighboring countries. As the "Sade" core of remote radar in South Korea as, in addition to China's strong objection, Russia's strategic missile force large-scale exercise in response. In fact, the experience of Russia and the United States after wrestling around Eastern Europe missile defense issues, about how to counter this ABM system has a wealth of experience.
According to Russian 15th satellite network, Russian strategic rocket forces is being held large-scale military exercises has invested more than more than more than 20 teams, more than 6,000 officers and soldiers, including more than 700 sets of nuclear missile weapons and equipment. The Russian newspaper made clear that the exercise put "real" missile was "no missile defense system missile." RIA Novosti said appeared in 5 mobile missile launch is a powerful strategic deterrent, each made up of three battalions, and each battalion has three capable of launching nuclear missiles, current tactical exercises will be spending as many as 45 rounds "Yar" and "Poplar" missile series. Even if half is blocked, can turn a potential enemy territory hurling dozens of 5.5 million tons equivalent of nuclear warheads.
Russian media believe that the large-scale exercises are not only part of China-Russia strategic exercises, and Russians to the United States, "Thad" anti-missile system in South Korea as a deterrent. Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on International Affairs lieangnide·silasiji made it clear: "the move in Washington, in fact, is to advance the global missile defense to Russia under the noses of the Northeast Asia, threatening Russia's national security. ”
Except major exercise outside validation fear the anti-missile system to intercept intercontinental missiles, Russia against missile defense systems has a wealth of historical experience and the alternative means. The beginning of this century, when preparing the deployment of missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic of the United States, Russia will be known as the "ABM-Buster" "Iskander" tactical missiles deployed to the western border. Orbit maneuver in flight of the missile, which can break through any missile defense system intercepted. But it is relatively short, when deployed in the far East to South Korea Star State "Sade" poses a direct threat. But the Russians say, the extended-range version of the missile is being developed.
Compare "Iskander" missile deployment in the far East are subject to location restrictions, the Russian Navy warship will be equipped with "zircon" Hypersonic cruise missile would not have these concerns. Its top speed of more than 5 times the speed of sound with a range of up to 400 km, by sea and land targets. It can be launched from a submerged submarine or surface ship, based on operational needs, mobile deployment at sea.
To counter the US anti-missile system in Eastern Europe, -22M3 supersonic bombers were also used by the Russian army as a deterrent, the Russian airports can take off and land the aircraft in the far East. In recent years to increase the penetration of the bombers, it has also carried out a number of upgrades, is capable of carrying the latest X-32 cruise missile, the Russian army claimed "almost all kinds of air defense systems and fighter aircraft could not intercept the missile." Serving Russian fifth generation T-50 can rely on stealth advantage, breaking the air strikes Korea's air defense network operation.