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Russia exposure, buried treasure worth trillion, secret hidden for 40 years - rough diamonds

  • Author:Sherry Huang
  • Source:www.boreway.net
  • Release on:2016-04-06

    Diamond original stoneRough diamonds, Also known as diamond, is divided into industrial and non-industrial use (generally refers to the gem). Gem-quality diamonds in general is, generally higher clarity we usually refer to the consumer; and industrial diamonds, also known as industrial diamonds, and gem-quality diamonds it main ingredients, are crystals of carbon, industrial diamonds usually poor quality. Chinese consumers see reports of diamond, it is natural to think of gem-quality diamonds, and therefore cause some panic in the industry.

Once a large industrial diamond reserves after mining, industrial diamond is bound to drive down prices, thus affecting the synthetic industrial diamond manufacturer, prompting them to turn to synthetic gem-quality diamonds, and thus impact on the jewelery market. But this indirect effect, obviously much less than can be found directly affect the supply of gem-quality diamond 3,000 years, soJewelryIndustry without panic.

If the official publication of the information is more valuable mining industrial diamonds, industrial diamonds market might also have no small impact. As Mrs cover piece diamond production is twice the normal hardness of diamond, is a worthy research direction, but the status quo can not be ignored is that the current ordinary diamond is sufficient to meet both the desired hardness cutting or drilling, should there be twice the normal diamond hardness Perot horses cover diamonds, its value is deeper.

Under the background of the global economic downturn, the long bear commodities entering the road. With the beginning of the seasonal recovery and dovish comments on interest rates boostPrecious MetalsUsher in a phased price increases. Asphalt from crude oil and copper daily trend, closing Yang continued to push prices up, lack of downside momentum. It is foreseeable that future prices will rise further.