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Pickup truck was circular saw on the highway "saw head" driver scared silly

chois.dong www. boreway. com 2017-12-26 18:20:08
A pickup truck is driving fast on an expressway passing lane. A huge circular saw heads up and plunges directly into the front of the car. This is not a scene in a blockbuster movie. It is a true scene of a section of Yipin Expressway in Chongqing-Guizhou Expressway.

June 17 afternoon, the main city of a car 4S shop to open a pickup truck from Wansheng back to Chongqing. He was in an overtaking lane and suddenly heard a loud noise from the opposite lane. Quarantine trees in front of more than 10 meters away, while a huge disk-shaped objects jumped out of the isolation zone, bouncing head-on. "I heard a boom, a white smoke in front of the car was almost out of control." Afterwards, Mr. Xiang also could not help but shouted voice. He kept the steering wheel sliding for dozens of seconds, the thrilling car stopped. Get off and saw both feet screamed - hit the front of the car is a diameter of about 1.5 meters large circular saw.

Circular saw steady embedded in the hood, the deepest cut into the body nearly 50 cm. Expressway where the circular saw? City High Speed ​​Enforcement A brigade of the Six Brigade law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and found the perpetrator is another drive toward the pickup truck. At that time, the license plate was a pickup truck from Yu B627 × × carrying machinery and equipment from Banan to Han River and suddenly lost control of the belt. Car disc saw due to fixed loose, together with the saw blade bracket fly out of the box. Thirty-four large circular saw flying into the separation zone, there is a circular saw is bounced into the opposite lane, cut into Mr. pickup truck front.

Yu B627 × × car driver actually did not notice this. Ren Gu said law enforcement officers, the accident did not cause casualties is lucky. If the circular saw is lowered a little further, or if the speed of the pickup is a little faster, it is very likely that the circular saw will strike the cab directly, with very serious consequences. After a preliminary investigation, the accident and the accident driver fatigue driving, improper operation, should bear full responsibility.