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Observe the diamond bit on the appearance?

Dora Zhang 2022-07-13 11:15:01
High quality stone has a high decorative effect in the decoration industry. In terms of cutting, for example, marble, for example: fast cutting saw blade segment for suppliers According to the characteristics of marble, it has low water absorption and high durability, and can be used for 40-100 years.

Natural marble plates and profiled materials are important materials for indoor and furniture production Natural marble has a fine and solid texture. After polishing, it is as smooth as a mirror. The texture is more stretched and beautiful than granite.

Diamond segment cutting supplier china,marble block diamond segment for bridge cutting machine, manual cutting machine, desktop cutting machine.

Segments Type: grooved type, K type, V type, taper type, sandwich.

When cutting marble, you need to pay attention to some. If there are defects, it is easy to bring some difficulty to the later processing.

When selecting diamond cutter heads, it is important to choose high-quality cutter heads from many aspects.

1. Observe the color of diamond bit. A high-quality knife head will not give people too muddy color. The cleaner it feels, the better the quality of the raw materials of the knife head.

2. Observe the diamond particles of the cutter head. The diamond particles are neatly facing the same direction, and the diamond particles contained are more dense than other cutter heads. After cutting, the bright tail of diamond stone is small and shorter than that of granite cutter head, with a full sense of compactness.

3. Look at the welding degree between the cutter head and the saw blade matrix, and the welding quality will affect the phenomenon of cutter head falling off, the stability of cutting and the quality of cutting.

The cutter heads with different formulas are used for different objects, and can cut marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, ceramic tiles, ceramics and other materials

Marble saw blade for cutting marble,limestone, slate, various soft stone without quartz.