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Mugabe made no speech on his speech Zimbabwe's political situation is still changing

  • Author:chois.dong
  • Source:www. boreway. com
  • Release on:2017-11-20
On the evening of November 19, Zimbabwe's President Mugabe delivered a televised address at the presidential palace saying nothing about his resignation and said he will preside over the National Assembly of the ruling party to be held next month.
Earlier on the 19th, the NLD held a special special session of the Central Committee and decided to lift Mumbai's NLD chairman and First Secretary position. At the same time, the meeting decided to resume the former vice-president Emerson Meenanguegau and choose him as its chairman and first secretary.
In about 20 minutes of his speech, Mugabe hinted that he did not recognize the series of resolutions made earlier by the ruling party that day. "I know that many things have taken place in the party today, but these decisions were made on behalf of the party, and taking into account that some of the decisions made in the past may have hurt and irritated some of them The decision is understandable, but we can not allow anger and vengeance about our actions. "
Mugabe said the handover between the old and the new leaders should be organized. The succession issue will be completely solved at the National Assembly of Tianjin Democratic Nationalism held in December under his auspices. "We will address this issue that has a negative impact on our party through a clear roadmap and framework at the forthcoming National Congress, and I will preside over this conference, which should not be planned ahead of time Good action weakened, or by public opinion about. "
According to the resolution of the ruling party's special Central Committee, if the President Mugabe fails to resign as president of Zimbabwe by 12:00 noon on November 20 local time, the ruling party will launch impeachment proceedings in the parliament. The political situation in Zimbabwe is still changing.