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Liaoning Public Security Bureau decided to compensate Yuan Chengjia couple 679 million two people ap

  • Author:chois.dong
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-09-07
Liaoning Benxi Yuan Chengjia couples apply for state compensation with the latest news. September 7, the case of lawyers Wang Dianxue to the surging news confirmed that the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Bureau on August 11 to make a national compensation decision to return to Yuan Chengjia couple of money amounted to about 679 million yuan. 

For this compensation decision, Yuan Chengjia couple on September 5 to the Ministry of Public Security filed a reconsideration application, "I hope to re-confirm the accounting."
Yuan Chengjia has served as the CPPCC members of the city of Benxi and Anshan City People's Congress on January 24, 2014 Yuan Cheng home because of the organization, the leadership of the crime syndicate and other six charges, was Yingkou Hospital sentenced to 20 years imprisonment , His wife Xie Yanmin also sentenced to 3 years and 5 months. At the same time, the court also decided to recover, confiscate the organization of the property and its benefits, including more than 20 enterprises, corporate accounts within the deposits and corporate vehicles 30.
November 24, 2015, the Liaoning High Court to maintain the final sentence of Yuan Cheng and others sentencing, and ruling on Yuan Cheng home was seized part of the property to be returned.
In May this year, Yuan Chengjia, Xie Yanmin commissioned by the attorney to the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Bureau to submit national compensation applications, the total amount of compensation claims up to 3.73 billion yuan, the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Department on May 18 issued a notice of acceptance, May 19 officially filed The
The case of lawyers Wang Dianxue told surging news, Yuan Chengjia couples apply for state compensation is based on the court's first instance, second instance and final verdict.
After nearly three months, the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Bureau for the above-mentioned claims for compensation, and ultimately make compensation decisions.
Surging news from the lawyer Wang Dianxue Department received from the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Bureau issued a national compensation decision (Liao Gong compensation letter [2017] 001), above the Yuan Chengjia couples apply for compensation for the request of the project check the situation, stamp Time August 11, 2017, "We received the time is August 18".
Liaoning Provincial Public Security Department made the decision to make a clear:
First, the return of the seizure of Yuan Cheng home transfer business models 25554.68881 million yuan, while paying interest 666.551466 million yuan; has returned to Yuan Cheng home to apply for corporate shares 8.5 million yuan, pay interest 17.425 million.
Second, the return of 5 yuan has been paid, pay interest 465.421546 million yuan.
Third, the return has been 2300 euros, 6800 US dollars, 1147,000 Hong Kong dollars, respectively, to pay interest 2.41 euros, 28.47 US dollars, 4450.79 Hong Kong dollars.
Fourth, the return of seized 1.5 million yuan, 65.5 million yuan, 159.5 million yuan, while paying interest 590.78750100 yuan.
Five, the return of seized 175 million yuan, while paying interest 456.458333 million yuan.

Six bottles of Mau la carte, 14 bottles (single bottle) Maotai wine, 5 bottles of XO wine, 2 boxes of Wuliangye, 1 bottle (single bottle) Wuliangye, 1 bottle of head wine, a bottle of Chivas wine. At the same time, in accordance with the appraisal of the price, the loss of the 6 boxes of the Great Hall of the special for Maotai, 11 bottles of Flying Maotai, 52 boxes of 2010 Flying Maotai, payment of compensation of 70.08 million yuan.
Seven, back to the pool of Yuan Jianyuan home less than 5 million yuan of an article.