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Kimberley Diamond - strong Chinese wind again swept the Basel Fair

  • Author:Sherry Huang
  • Source:www.boreway.net
  • Release on:2016-03-16

    Kimberley DiamondAs China's leading diamond brand, it has been recognized by the international jewelry industry in recent years in a row invited to participate in the Basel Fair, which for us is a great encouragement. We hope that through this exhibition, to make the world a deeper understanding of Chinese traditional culture, to understand the Chinese nation.

    - Kimberley Diamond Company Ltd. Shanghai Dong Liusheng

    As one of the world's largest jewelry exhibition, Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show has always been to "Oscar's jewelry industry," said jewelers and attracts enthusiasts from all over the world come here on pilgrimage. In this collection of world attention, exhibitors demanding event in the industry, with a strong business strength and unique brand of charm, 2015 the first exhibition of the Kimberley diamond in one fell swoop hit Chinese exhibitors in the calendar year Baselworld booth area the most!

    2015, as China's leader in the diamond industry, Kimberley Diamond for the first time invited to the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show, assigned to the 2nd big gathering hall. In order to highlight the Chinese wind and wind both international brand design style, Kimberley Diamond Pavilion at the foot of the design work, the entire 40% of the area of ​​the pavilion will be the traditional oriental culture most vividly, while 60% of the region's most sucked European and American fashion elements into one. WM exhibition express Kimberley diamond out of China to the world's determination and ambition, with hundreds of pieces of fine jewelry forms a shiny jewelry in the world, attracting the attention of numerous media and jewelry lovers at home and abroad.

Conference protagonist "Our Story" series of fine jewelry, it is the perfect interpretation of China Kimberley wind. ToChinaThe full five thousand years of civilization, the mysterious oriental country show in front of the world, "Our Story" every piece of jewelry series of fine jewelry are carrying a story, whether it is full of Chinese style of ancient buildings, extensive and profound traditional Chinese calligraphy or old the shadow element, let the world see China unique beauty. This series is full of oriental charm fine jewelry, once released, he will be in the Basel exhibition set off a firestorm. And by many large coffee certainly consistent and expectations.

    2016 Basel Fair, the way we

    The new year, as the last KimberleyBaselThe exhibition and Chopard, Patek Philippe, Louis Vuitton, with the world-renowned brand success stories show once again been invited to the Basel exhibition organizers, repeats similar success. As the calendar year BaselWorld invited to exhibit China's largest jewelry brand exhibitors, Kimberley Diamonds will continue last year's style, Basel bring ancient oriental culture distinctive and unique style design, better quality, superb the superb skill ...... diversified Basel Fair added an indelible mark.