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KMT elected Acting President

  • Author:chois.dong
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2016-01-19

According to Taiwan's "Central News Agency" reports, the Chinese Kuomintang tomorrow (the 18th) at the start of the Provisional Central Standing Committee, KMT Chairman Chu will make a report and resignation, the Central Standing Committee will decide who will serve as the new Deputy Chairman of the Kuomintang, and other party executives need to produce before leaving. Chu said the next step is to back the KMT grassroots deep plowing, personnel training, so that more young people are willing to put the KMT.

KMT lost yesterday in Taiwan leader election in regime, the KMT in Taiwan leader election candidate and deputy leader candidate Chu Wang Ju-hsuan attend volunteer Thanksgiving morning tea, and hard work during this period to help in the campaign headquarters shook hands with supporters . The scene was in tears, some shouting and cheering, there are people shouting "Chu, election 2020," Chu waved thank you for encouragement.

Wang Ju-hsuan volunteers tears to say sorry, she said, she told herself to be brave, to see everyone very serious effort, a lot of volunteers to contribute money to help print leaflets, "volunteers my friends gave me a lot of support force, thanks They support me when I fall, "to guide her forward.

Kuomintang chairman Huang Baath unit Dai Bote resignation last night, when Chu said that the KMT need someone to lead, calling for Chu to stay. Asked if the proposal to retain the Standing Committee, will have this intention? Chu said he yesterday announced the immediate resignation KMT Chairman, just before the election to report too, with immediate effect, but the Central Standing Committee to respect the institutional, will report to the Central Standing Committee.

Some people refer to the Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou, "Legislative Yuan" Wang Jinping to bear the greatest responsibility for the defeat, Chu said he bear all the responsibility, "I've seen all my public voice", will take thorough reflection. Speaking Kuomintang Next, he said, back to grass roots, personnel training, must reflect a thorough review, so that more young people are willing to put the KMT.

Whether rematch four years later? Chu did not respond positively. Whether the strengthening of the Kuomintang and the New Party, People First Party to cooperate? He said all political parties should unite the same idea, the electoral process have different views, friction, after the election, to sit down and communicate, "Although I am not a party chairman, party members will try to let everyone unite forces, re-united."