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Joint statement of Japan concerns China: particularly inappropriate

  • Author:Chois Dong
  • Source:Www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-05-17
 BEIJING, May 18, 18th at the Foreign Ministry of routine reporters at the meeting, there was a reporter asked, reportedly, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the visiting New Zealand Prime Minister English issued a joint statement expressing concern about the "tense" situation in the South China Sea, and referring to the South China Sea arbitration case. How does China respond to this?

  Hua Chunying responded that I noticed that Japan and New Zealand's joint Declaration on the South China Sea related to the content, I feel particularly inappropriate.

  Hua Chunying pointed out that in China and other coastal countries of the South China Sea, the joint efforts of the South China Sea situation is steadily getting better. Recently, the leaders of ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Myanmar attended the "along the way" International Cooperation Summit Forum, in which the two sides expressed their positive will to further strengthen cooperation and jointly safeguard regional peace and stability when meeting with Chinese leaders. In the next two days, China and ASEAN countries will hold in Guiyang to implement the declaration of Conduct of all parties in the South China Sea, the 14th Senior Officials meeting and the 23rd China-ASEAN senior officials, the Chinese side will continue to exchange views with ASEAN countries on the Implementation of the Declaration, the Promotion of practical cooperation at sea and the consultation on the "South China Sea code of conduct". Tomorrow, the first meeting of the bilateral consultative mechanism on the South China Sea in the Philippines will also be held, both sides look forward to a friendly exchange of views on the sea-related issues through the Conference, the proper control of differences through bilateral dialogues, the accumulation of conditions for the eventual resolution of the relevant disputes, and a sound atmosphere for the healthy and stable development of bilateral relations and the smooth progress of pragmatic cooperation in various fields.

  Hua said, in this case, Japan is still sparing no effort to pick things up, to render the so-called tense situation, the so-called South China Sea arbitration case has been page. We have to ask: what does Japan really care about? Is it true hope to see peace and stability in the South China Sea? or worried about the peace in the South China Sea, stability, China and the Philippines and other ASEAN countries have become better relations?! We urge the Japanese side to correct their mentality and say that they are conducive to mutual trust among the countries in the region, and do more to help the peace and stability of the region, and to implement the statement that the Sino-Japanese relations will be improved. We also hope that the foreign countries will recognize the situation of the region, objectively and rationally, and not be used by other countries to play a constructive role in safeguarding regional peace and stability.