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In the emerging field of synthetic diamond applications are expected to expand

  • Author:Sherry Huang
  • Source:www.boreway.net
  • Release on:2015-10-07
With the continuous development of synthetic diamond technology, diamond tools, artificial diamond in new materials, new techniques, new equipment gradually applied in synthetic diamond industry and our own advantages, there is reason to believe that the future of synthetic diamond market will usher in the golden years development, maintain rapid development trend. 

Our synthetic diamond market lower proportion of high-grade diamond. Enhance the domestic value-added large space superhard materials and products output of about 1: 3 to 1: between 6, with the continuous growth of downstream products superhard materials market size, market prospects are very broad superhard materials. Market demand for high-grade diamond proportion of the total market of about 60% to 70%, according to the current technological level of domestic production of diamond products, low proportion of high-grade diamond, only about 25% to 30%, and 60% In contrast to market demand, the gap is 30% to 35%. As the overall level of our technology and quality diamond products behind the developed countries for the electronics, automotive, appliance, CNC machining and other industries with high-end products for more than 90% dependent on imports. Therefore, our development in the field of high-grade large superhard materials. In recent years, synthetic diamond application objects and applications continue to expand, demand more robust, showing a sustained and rapid growth. 

Synthetic diamond applications in the emerging field of industry is expected to further expand. With the continuous improvement of synthetic diamond grade, and its excellent performance is expected to be more widely used in high-tech fields, such as aviation instrument bearings can be used for processing, radar catheter, optics, high-energy accelerator smoke and other precision instruments; suitable for monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon 0.1-0.2mm thickness of the sheet cutting, grinding, satellite solar panels and other high-precision machining; can be used for computer chips and other LSI fine precision cutting, slotting, backside thinning, nanocrystalline diamond polishing other processing; high-strength optical window large high-purity single crystal diamond can also be produced for the power compression test, the very environment aperture and some devices fusion energy research component and so on. Including all the world's developed countries, including synthetic diamond superhard materials and products as a development priority, the level of research and application of superhard materials and products in a way represents the level of technological development of a country.