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How to keep marble granite clean?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2020-09-15
As we all know, in the daily maintenance of stone, there will be some small accidents. In order to protect them, what should we pay attention to?

Granite and marble are pure natural stones. Marble is soft and is mostly used for interior decoration, while granite is hard and is mostly used for outdoor decoration.

When cutting marble, try to choose a marble saw blade or a circular saw blade that the distance between the teeth is not too far away. No Chipping. Granite chooses professional cutting silencer blades, sharp and fast cutting.

Today we will first introduce the maintenance of granite and marble. Stone is also a common type of protection.

It is unavoidable in daily life, because granite and marble have natural pores. We cannot avoid splashing dirt on the surface of granite and marble, such as milk tea stains, oil stains, beverage stains, soy sauce stains, ink stains, etc.

When these pollution sources appear, they will penetrate into the stone along the gaps of the breathing holes of the stone.

Large stains
or stains that are difficult to remove will be formed. Therefore, if such a situation occurs, it must be removed in time, or a special protective agent must be reserved for high-quality stone to prevent pollution sources from contaminating the stone.

1. No matter where you are decorating, be careful not to throw away your objects or other sundries for a long time.

2. There will be regular movement in public places. For example, hotel lobbies are generally paved on the floor. We can often move the location of objects to let the stones breathe.

3. If there is liquid upside down the stone, the water cannot evaporate through the pores inside the stone, resulting in high water content of the stone and the problem of granite and marble stone disease.

4. It should not be stacked on the surface of granite and marble for a long time, and it should be kept ventilated and dry for a long time. Otherwise, long-term accumulation will make granite and marble stones unable to breathe.

5. Be sure to choose a suitable one to maintain the permeability, water resistance and stain resistance of the stone, and remember not to use curing agents indiscriminately.

6. Protect granite and marble stones regularly to block water and pollution sources, such as once or twice a year, and regular maintenance. It's just like caring for hair, otherwise it will be easy to split ends, hair, frizz and other problems. If it is maintained, the life of the stone will be extended.

7. Do not use non-neutral detergents indiscriminately. Stones are very afraid of encountering strong acid and alkali liquids, and they cannot be waxed on the surface of granite marble, because waxes on the market contain acid and alkali substances, which will cause The stone surface turns yellow. Affect the appearance

8. Keep ventilating and dry around the granite marble stone for a long time