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Boreway will continue to provide customers with comfortable services,high-quality dry-cut small saw blades,multi-size saw blades,Litchi surface grinding disc for grinding concrete and other products.

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How to do basic protective measures for diamond dry slice substrate to prevent rust?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Release on:2020-06-04
Sintered turbo rim drycut saw blades after use, how to protect it in order to prolong its service life? Let the Boreway manufacturer tell you.

As everyone knows, our professional keyhole diamond dry bladeslices is based on steel where the air humidity is relatively high, causing many furniture at home to be susceptible to moisture and mold.

The products such as saw blade bases and diamond saw blades that we store in our homes or warehouses are also easily dampened, causing rust and affecting cutting efficiency.

The rusted diamond dry slice substrate not only affects the beauty, but more importantly, it also has a great influence on the use of the diamond saw blade substrate.

So, in the humid climate, what method should we adopt to maintain the diamond dry chip substrate and the tap saw blade product?

Boreway factory specializes in the production of SmoothCuttingdry diamond bladeslicesMatrix and saw blade products, we recommend that you use high-grade anti-rust oil to scrub the diamond saw blade matrix.

The use of high-grade anti-rust oil has a remarkable effect, and also saves the trouble of polishing the saw blade product.
If you still have doubts, please come and find out with us.