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How is the high-quality saw blade distinguished by the surface of the diamond blade?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Release on:2020-05-21
How to choose the right and high-quality saw blade when buying diamond saw blade? If you buy a less good saw blade to cut the stone, it is easy to reduce the appearance of the stone and make the customer dissatisfied. It is more likely to rise to the impression of the company and the trust of the company will decline.

In order to avoid this situation, today we can observe the surface of the cutter head to distinguish it?

1. The first step is to look at the color of the long-life diamond cutter seller and cut the stone, it is the cutter head that plays a direct role. The same is that the high-quality blades are very "clean", that is, they will not make people feel dull. The more "dry", the better the quality of the raw materials used in the cutter head.

2. The second step is to look at the hardness of the substrate. Inferior diamond blades are easy to give a sense of unsteadiness when shaking, and high-quality substrates can give people a sense of compactness.

3. The third step is to observe the neat appearance of diamond cutter manufacturers. The standard of high-quality diamond blades is stricter, and the diamond particles are more dense with other blades. After the blades are edged, this gives a sense of compactness.

4. The fourth step is to see the welding of diamond cutter head wholesalers, professional and durable cutter head.The quality of the welding is not only related to whether there is a knife tip, but more importantly, it is related to the stability of the cutting and the quality of the cutting. The weld is complete and neat, and there is even only one "thin line"

5. The fifth step is to compare the thickness of the diamond cutter head and the substrate. The thickness of a regular diamond cutter head is slightly thicker than that of the base body.

Cutter Segment Inferior segment High-quality cutter segment
1.The color of the diamond cutter head Dark and muddy feeling Very clean
2.Matrix hardness Blade is easy to shake Very sturdy
3.The appearance of the cutter Segment is uniform Some slope Neat and regular
4.Welding of diamond Segment Whether there is a knife tip Not easy to fall off
5. Thickness of diamond cutter Segment d and substrate The tip thickness is slightly thinner than the base The thickness of the cutter Segment is slightly thicker than the base