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What are the 125mm rotary bush hammer discs?

Rotary Bush hammer can be equipped with cemented carbide abrasive particles, star abrasive particles, 100 tooth multi-point abrasive particles, vacuum brazing abrasive particles and brazing broken particle grinding wheels.

How to make a strong anti skid bush hammer effect?

Rotary Bush Hammer roller head block plate for manufacturer,It can polish rough, medium fine surface, fine surface effect and excellent anti-skid effect.

Why is the outdoor granite floor of the square rough?

Boreway specializes in producing litchi surface grinding wheels with various tooth numbers of high-quality cemented carbide, which can be matched with bases of various brands and installed on multi brand grinding machines. It also produces litchi surface grinding discs for use on various grinding machines.

What are the advantages of Husqvarna bush hammer ?

rotary bush hammer manufacturers,bush hammer plate manufacturers,bush hammer roller manufacturers,bush hammer can use for concrete hard, concrete medium, concrete soft, rain damaged concrete, semi polished concrete, porous ceramic glues, plastic-like ceramic glues, vinyl glues, paint and thin epoxy, thick epoxy.

What are the advantages of horseshoe type bush hammer roller?

Frankfurt bush hammer roller is a series of high-quality diamond rollers, matched with metal Frankfurt diamond shoes, which can be used to create bush hammers and textured finishes on granite, marble and other stone, concrete, and asphalt roads.

How to choose diamond cutter head?

Advantages of blade segment
1.Ideal edge trimming quality best . 
2.Excellent comprehensive cutting performance.
3.High cutting efficiency, meanwhile, it has a long lifespan.

Can 125mm bush hammer plate be used in concrete?

Bush hammer plate can remove old epoxy coating, renovate different kinds of ground surface, and make antique effect. Effective and safe anti slip granite, granite, marble and concrete surfaces. Preparation for grinding and polishing of concrete before laying new layers.

Why buy floor bush hammer plate from Boreway?

Boreway supply cheap price bush hammer tool,It can be used in Husqvarna grinding machine, Lavina grinding machine, HTC grinding machine, klindex grinding machine, sinking grinding machine and other machine brands.


Experts decryption: and Choi is well-known diamond

  • Author:Sherry
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2015-09-15

Dr. Wang Chunyun Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences made, "the national spirit and Choi cracking the mystery," the report, 
unlock the many mysteries and Choi, attracted the interest of experts.

After years of studies suggest that Wang Chunyun, and Choi and Imperial Seal are two separate national treasure. "Choi cut the seal," the story is 
completely fabricated out, there is no documentation in accordance with facts. Wang Chunyun said, speaking from the material, and Choi is a "gem", 
is the most remarkable of all varieties of jade and gems highest value properties. And Choi slightly larger than a single hand can hold eggs that 
need to use both hands to "Bong" offer, so its weight is 800 kt or more, preferably a ball slightly larger than 4.4 cm in diameter, equivalent to 
about 1.90 inch Warring States period, the corresponding Valuation about when the Warring States Period, "forty thousand gold", namely and Choi can
be called "forty thousand gold beads," is a colorless, transparent, slightly flawed, beads super diamond (diamond). This shows that our understanding 
of the diamond at least from the Warring States period began, but not now widely recognized that only a maximum of 200 years.

If his results of this study holds true, then our country dictionaries and literature interpretation of "bi" would not be limited to "hollow ring",
 but should add a new comment. Since NCM has been proved to be bead-shaped and is "Chu Shan" in "the well of the Pu," or "the well of the dedication,
" that is, the beads of secondary mineral beads, the hardness of course Odd extremely high, which is presumably from the mineralogy and Choi bead and 
output states.

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for a better future!

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