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East Junggar found over a hundred million tons of graphite ore

  • Author:Chois.dong
  • Source:Www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2016-10-26
October 22, from the China Geological Survey Xi'an Geological Survey Center was informed that the Xinjiang Junggar region found reserves of over 100 million tons of crystalline graphite ore belt, is expected to become China's large-scale crystalline graphite ore base.
    Recently, by the China Geological Survey Xi'an Geological Survey Center "Xinjiang East Junggar 1: 50 000 four regional geological and mineral survey" sub-project in the field of geological survey process, in the scattered grams of newly discovered crystalline graphite belt with a Department, named "scattered grams of graphite ore."
    The project discovered through the trench revealed that the scattered Goko graphite ore body is similar to the layered output, the ore-forming favorable parts are mostly concentrated in the secondary fault zone. The thermal energy generated by the magmatic activity makes the degree of graphite crystal close to the rock body better, and the grain diameter of the crystalline graphite is larger than that of the later acidity intrusive rock. Surface tracing shows that the graphite ore body extends far, reaching 20 ~ 30 km, and the ore body is stable. The anomalous geophysical characteristics of the graphite belt, such as low magnetic, low weight, low resistance and high polarization, are obvious, indicating that the metallogenic conditions of the crystalline graphite ore in this area are superior, further extending the exploration range along the brittle - ductile shear zone , Is expected to find another large area of ​​East Junggar crystalline graphite ore.
    Graphite widely used in aerospace, military, nuclear power and other fields, is the national "thirteen" development plan focused on the development of new energy, new materials. China's graphite resources distribution, "East and West less", Xinjiang East Junggar crystalline graphite belt discovery, change the pattern of China's graphite resources distribution, but also for the service "along the way" mineral resources exploration and national strategic resources development and utilization provides a strong guarantee .