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Diamond wire saw

  • Author:Sherry Huang
  • Source:www.boreway.net
  • Release on :2015-11-06
3 big "magic" of diamond wire saw

One magical: Low Noise
Building demolition in the past, often using mechanical demolition or construction blasting operations, a lot of noise. Dismantled construction in residential areas, residents have to endure tremendous noise torture. The removal using diamond wire saw process, completely avoids this disadvantages. Reporters saw, diamond wire saw cutting process, only the sound of grinding of reinforced concrete, electro-hydraulic motor is running smoothly, the entire construction is not huge cacophony.

Magical two: avoid dust pollution
If using the traditional process of dismantling the bridge, it is bound to generate a lot of dust. Using diamond wire saw, cutting process at high speed diamond rope by water cooling, and grinding debris away, Yang will not cause dust pollution.

Magical three: security is guaranteed
Traditional mechanical removal or blasting bridges construction, construction is not controllable state, there is removal of the viaduct collapse occurred security risks. Since cutting is reinforced concrete diamond grinding tool to complete the process, so there is no vibration problems. Bridge structure no impact, no fine cracks and impact force structure. And will not impact load, the bridge itself will not have a big momentum, it can be guaranteed security.