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Diamond powder particle size quality testing - to some common questions

  • Author:Sherry Huang
  • Source:www.boreway.net
  • Release on:2016-04-23
    1 how to evaluate the quality of Diamond
This is a problem powder production and users of common concern,Synthetic diamond powderMainly used for grinding and polishing process, often require the user to use the lowest diamond concentration, the fastest cutting speed, get the best surface roughness and surface quality. To achieve such high results, no high-quality powder is not enough. According to the author many years of practical experience that good quality powder should control the following aspects: intensity (1) higher raw diamond, using South Africa, the Yellow River, Shandong Changrun other major diamond manufacturers for raw materials, production powder quality is better, wear resistance and cutting forces are better, said the market is generally expected to do yellow powder. The use of small manufacturers of low-technology materials do powder, wear resistance and cutting force is relatively satisfactory, it is often said that the green powder material to do, but the green powder material is suitable for low-end resin bond products, exported to India more ,cheap price. At the time of the crystal, zircon and other non-metallic materials relatively hard polishing should use good quality powder. Poor quality powder no cutting forces, can not afford to wear convex surface marks, it is not easy to polish. (2) the size and content of the coarse particles should be strictly controlled. Coarse particles should be controlled within the range of the national standard, the better. Is the big particles larger than coarse particles, scratches easily cause the workpiece, this must not have. (3) particle size distribution, the higher the concentration, the better. (4) The shape of the particles. Roundness good polishing powder in a relatively good results, massive, multi-angular, multi-edge, high-strength low-magnetic powder has good application effect in diamond plating wire saw, the general shape of the powder, such as strip, massive and flaky, more sharp, more in the resin binderGrinding wheelApplication.
Green material powder for the loose tissue binding agent applications, such as stone tools sponge polishing products, powder easily broken, more cutting edge, falling fast, the effect is also possible.
    2 How to judge the strength of the powder and possess cutting force
Generally,microscopeObserved, flake powder of low intensity, massive cutting and strong, good quality; coarse powder relatively easy to determine number, good powder observed under the microscope, transparency, and its transparent core surrounded by a black border outline, bad powder, entirely black; ultra-fine powders refers powder particle size 1.5 μm or less, cedar oil immersion objective lens needs observed, enlarged 1600 times, conventional sample preparation glycerin, difficult to observe, easy reunion; ultra-fine powders from the imaging quality on can tell, but need more practice to observe. Another advanced method is to use the German-differential thermal analysis instruments, see Analyzing the level of soot oxidation initiation temperature. Because the instrument more expensive, adversely promotion in industrial production.
To solve this problem, we have gone through a lot of practice, and then use the new dispersant, successfully resolved the problem of the dispersion of ultra-fine powders, Japan microscope immersion oil, clear image.
Scanning electron microscopy ultra-fine powders and nano-diamond powder is very clear, accurate size measurement, but the need to spray powder particle surface layer of the metal film can be observed, so that you see the micronized crystal structure and presentation, not easy to determine the level of quality Powder . In this regard, the traditional biological microscope is still a big advantage.
In addition, we rose quartz micro-system-like innovation, capture color images, according to the judgment powder color graphics quality. In order to avoid powderDispersantDisplacement, to take a clear image, our innovative use of new sample preparation method, fixed powder, under biological microscope image capture real fine powder for the production of scientific research provides a powerful help.