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China Yi Er Rarely Cross Island Chain 78: Fighter Attacks Flight

  • Author:chois.dong
  • Source:www. boreway. com
  • Release on:2017-11-27
On March 22, Taiwan's "Defense Ministry" media in Taiwan quoted Taiwan's "Ministry of National Defense," saying that over 10 planes of the PLA Liberation Army flew past the Bus Strait in the southwest of Taiwan on the morning of that morning Voyage training in the western Pacific. This is the third time that the PLA fighters have taken the island chain since last Saturday. According to Taiwan media reports, this time with the past is different, the PLA fighters to attack route flight.
Not only free explanation, back to our fleet took a lot of photos, Il -78 followed by two Su -30MK2 fighter. Yang Bin State Comments: To say that the pre-H-6K is to verify the sea operations, then later on to illustrate a problem, the naval aviation and the Air Force to transition.
Strategic Air Force, which is the first time after the military reform was officially put forward by the new concept. Air Force and Strategic Air Force What is the difference? People do not have a deep understanding. Starting from the development of our air force, we talk about the Chinese air force that was established from the War to Resist U.S.Aid Korea. Although the Chinese PLA Air Corps was established as an independent unit before the founding of the People's Republic, the PLAAF is still only an army auxiliary unit. Its combat mission is to tie in with the operations of the Army and the emplacement of land and resources. Therefore, in the original seven major military regions, have Air Command. The air force commander of each military region is the deputy commander of the military region, which is to facilitate the coordination of combat command.
Although the strategic air force is a new term in China, it does indeed create an independent service that the United States and Russia established several decades ago. This is one of the biggest shortcomings in our army. To remove the great military forces, the strategic air force is indispensable. In addition to the United States and Russia, other countries and regions are also actively establishing a strategic air force framework, mainly in Britain, France and India. However, the capital and technology required to establish a strategic air force are very costly. Europe finally had to choose to follow the U.S. strategy and cancel its dream of establishing a strategic air force.
India is also one of the countries that are actively seeking to establish a strategic air force. The space-based strength of the Trinity nuclear strike is India's dream of pursuing. Transport aircraft can be bought, strategic bomber is not something you can get rich, how much you give the United States and Russia will not sell it to you. India later leased from Russia two Tu-22M3 bomber support face. But far from the real establishment of strategic air force.
Strategic Air Force concept is the World War II United States Air Force bombing of a large number of Japanese bombers formed. Now the real strategic air force must have a strategic bomber that has a combat radius of more than 5,000 kilometers and a payload of not less than 20 tons. The second is to assist large AWACS, large transport aircraft, large tanker and other large aircraft.