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The cheap diamond grinding shoe, diamond grinding head, HTC diamond grinding plate, PCD grinding plate, cheap diamond grinding pads supplier from China BOREWAY professional manufacturer

Where can curb stones be used?

Where can curb stones be used? The sharp cutting blade produced by boreway factory has long service life, high efficiency and diamond saw blade, which forms the boundary of curbstone, roadway, sidewalk, green space, isolation belt and other parts of the road.

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As one of the few litchi face tool manufacturers in the field of diamond tools in Quanzhou, China, we must continue to innovate and provide standards for technological progress

What are the characteristics of high quality diamond calibration wheels?

Boreway Manufacturer have provide the Diamond Calibrating Rollers in different shapes and colour, We can also customize the specifications and models that suit your requirements according to your needs.

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What are the characteristics of floor grinding machines?

Boreway Supply various specifications of diamond grinding tools and machines, used for marble, granite, various materials of stone, concrete temples, terrazzo floors and other grounds.


China Boreway Classification of Diamond Grinding Wheels

Diamond grinding wheels are the most widely used processing tools in grinding technology. According to the different bonding agents, diamond grinding wheels can generally be divided into resin bond diamond grinding wheels, ceramic bond diamond grinding wheels and metal bond diamond grinding wheels.
China Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels Factory

Resin bond diamond grinding wheels mostly use thermosetting resin, which has the advantages of low curing temperature and relatively simple preparation. They are mainly used for sharpening measuring tools, grinding holes, cylindrical grinding and surface grinding.

The metal bond diamond grinding wheel has strong bonding force between bond and abrasive particles, good toughness, and can withstand large loads. Boreway Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels SupplierIt has been applied in the field of forming and grinding of complex surfaces of brittle and hard materials, as well as precision and ultra-precision grinding.

Vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel has higher elastic modulus and lower fracture toughness. Its bonding strength is higher than that of resin bond diamond grinding wheel, and its self-sharpening is better than that of metal bond diamond grinding wheel. It is widely used in processing composite sheets, Cemented carbide, glass, ceramics and other materials.

Boreway is China Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels Manufacturer,our diamond grinding cup wheels engineered with top-grade industrial diamond for maximum cutting performance and superior grinding life.

Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels Features:

1. Long lifespan and stable performance;

2. Effective in the process of grinding and polishing;

3. Special bond for hard material, granite, stone,etc.

4.Coarse diamond grain provide high efficient working speed.

Diamond cup wheel widely For grinding and polishing granite,marble,concrete and concrete products ,masonry materials ,and all types of natural stone with maximum stock removal and free cutting action for wet or dry applications. Especially suitable for edge leveling ,grinding polishing or repair jobs where a smooth finish is required.