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Characteristic of the world children's day

  • Author:Huang Xueyu
  • Source:www.boreway.net
  • Release on:2016-06-01
     To protect the rights of children throughout the world, women's International Democratic Federation held in Moscow in November 1949 Executive Committee Conference June 1 of each year forInternational children's day

     World featuresChildrenSection

To protect the rights of children throughout the world, Executive Committee of the International Federation of democratic women held in Moscow in November 1949 Conference June 1 of each year for international children's day. Since its inception in the international children's day, most countries in the world, international organizations adopted a series of measures to promote child protection, welfare and development of education.

Some, in addition to "Liu·Yi" international children's day, but many countries have established a national children's day or children's day and some countries even more than a year on children's day. These children, or children's day reflects the traditions and customs of different countries. Celebrations crafting fun. Come and have a look!


Local time on February 27, 2013, Japan Konosu cityGirls ' dayPrepare doll giant pyramid.

Japan is the world's most celebrated children's day States: March 3 was the Japan Festival. Girl's family family celebrations, home equipment displays and be dressed in Heian Era costume Doll ("Hina dolls"), pray forA kidPeace,Tears,Marry well in the future. Area will put the doll to float away in the river take the child's physical discomfort.

Local time on April 29, 2016, Japan Sagamihara City, the Park covered approximately 1200 carp streamers, to meet May 5 Japan coming of the boy's day.

May 5 is the Japan boy's day. There are 7 years of age (some areas are under 11 years old) boy's family through two custom to pray for children. Is a device in the home called "Pocket" armor Samurai dolls, Taiko, etc, and so a knife model, pray for safe and healthy growth of children, this is called "Interior". The other is in the garden or door fly carp streamers, wish children to get ahead, this is called "exterior".

November 15 is the Japan "753" section. Japan Customs, 3 years, 5 years and 7 years old are children lucky 3 age, so every year on this day, the national will be specifically for these 3 older children busy celebrating.


Local time on April 23, 2014, Turkey Ankara localChildrenTurkey founder Mustafa Kemal er·atatuke mausoleum to celebrate children's day.

In Turkey on April 23"" Sovereignty and children's day。 In 1920, the day Turkey Grand National Assembly held its first meeting. To mark the occasion, not only to become a public holiday on the day was later identified as children's day. Turkey in this day, the Government also invited guests to celebrate the holiday for the children in other countries.


April 28, 2007 Mexico City careChildrenTeachers and children to join in the Office of the children's Day celebrations.

Every year on April 30, Mexico's day. On this day, Mexico most kindergartens and primary schools will cancel normal courseA kidAbout a party. Party has a lot of toys andCandyChildren play a traditional game "peg the donkey's tail." Some shops will also attend to children doing some promotional activities or giving candy to children.  


May 5, 2011 Korea celebrationsChildrenSections.

May 5 is theKoreaChildren's day as an official public holidayA kidHoliday. Parents often take children go out to play on this day children very happy holidays. Parents give kids the gift they want most. Many children will wear hanbok traditional culture on this day.