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Canada compensates for a terrorist of $ 10.5 million. The locals are completely blown up

  • Author:Chois.dong
  • Source:Www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-07-10
Recently, Canada has a widespread concern of the lawsuit finally came to an end ... ...
30-year-old Canadian Omar Khadr, who was abused and detained at the Guantanamo base during his minor years, and the Canadian government did not give it legal aid and neglected its fundamental rights for a long time, and received a public complaint from the Canadian government Million Canadian dollars (about 55 million yuan) compensation !!

News one, the media and friends immediately fried horse opened the pot ... ... a variety of intense words brush burst network ...
A Canadian citizen's basic rights and interests have not been compensated by the government, why in Canada will cause an uproar?
Because the identity of the citizen, it is not general ... Obtain the apology and compensation of the Canadian citizen Omar Khadr, was a member of the Taliban, and the Taliban, has long been recognized by the international community terrorist organization ...

Omar Khadr was the son of Ahmed Said Khadr, an Egyptian Canadian father, who had been involved in fighting the invasion of Afghanistan by the former Soviet Union in the early 1980s and had been very close to the Afghan jihad, Former Al Qaeda Leader Ben. Bin Laden has also participated in the wedding of Ahmed daughter, you can say this and this. Bin Laden friendship ... Ahmed and his wife have five sons, two daughters.

In the late 1990s, Ahmed sent four sons to the jihad organization for military training ... which included Omar Khadr, the young Omar Khadr, under the influence of the jiram organization in the Taliban, was thoroughly brainwashed and studied seriously Various combat skills, including making bombs ...

In 2002, only 15-year-old Omar Khadr threw a grenade, a grenade exploded, and killed the American soldier Christopher Speer in a encounter with the US, and faded another soldier Layne Morris's eyes The

Subsequently Omar Khadr was injured, captured by the US military, and was detained to the torture and abuse known Cuba Guantanamo base. At that time, became the youngest prisoner in Guantanamo ...

Son was arrested, the father continued to "jihad not more than", in 2003, Ahmed was killed in a battle ... Ahmed died, the other members of the Omar Khadr family moved back to Canada to settle .... Omar Khadr continue in Guantanamo The base is in custody.

Guantanamo base is a United States located outside the country in a prison, before the main used to detain all kinds of terrorists and terrorist suspects, the prison conditions are poor, all kinds of torture and abuse cases have occurred.
This is why, if there are some Western countries, citizens are concerned about Guantanamo, the general countries will first of their own citizens to extradite their own country, and then trial.
And the then Canadian government stubbornly refused to extradite Omar Khadr ... In this way, Omar Khadr became Guantanamo only had a Western citizenship prisoners ...
This period is a full decade ... ... during this period from 2003 to 2004, the Canadian intelligence officers went to Guantanamo base to interrogate Omar, and the interrogation of all the information to the United States ... ...
At that time, Guantanamo's abuse of the prison scandal has not been exposed (in 2005), Omar as a minor, suffered what kind of treatment naturally self-evident ...
2005, with the Guantanamo abuse scandal exposure, Omar Had's situation was confirmed by journalists and his family, many media and organizations began to appeal to the Canadian government as soon as possible extradition Omar Hadder, "Guantanamo children." ..

"Please bring Omar Khadr back to Canada", in the media at the time, although Omar Khadr participated in the terrorist organization, but after all, a child, but by the father and brother confused and joined the terrorist organization In 2010, Omar finally bow to plead guilty, And was sentenced to eight years in prison.

After Omar Khadr's family commissioned a lawyer to sue the Canadian government, they said that Omar, as a minor, was detained in Guantanamo prison, deserved due legal aid .... and as a Canadian citizen, the Canadian government should help he...
However, the Canadian government to sit idly by, not only did not help him, but also help the Americans to interrogate him, such acts, ignoring his basic citizenship, so to the Canadian government!
Well, the lawsuit has been from the local court to the Supreme Court, then the Canadian Prime Minister or Harper, they and Harper's government played three games, three lawsuit, the Harper government lost ... ...
The 2010 Supreme Court ruled that Omar Khadr was arrested only 15 years old and was a minor.
During the detention of the Guantanamo prison, he was subjected to torture, deprivation of sleep, lack of legal aid to Canadian citizens, and serious neglect of the citizenship of Omar Khadr, the Supreme Court ruled that the Canadian government not only violated international law, Violates the Canadian Human Rights Charter!
In 2012, the Canadian government was forced to extradite Omar to return home, Omar Hadd returned to Canada after serving in Canada.

After that, Omar Khadr's lawyer continued to fight for the apology and compensation of the Canadian government, according to media reports, his earliest request for compensation is 20 million Canadian dollars ...
After several consultations, the two sides finally reached an out-of-court settlement, apology and compensation eventually results, July 4, the current government Prime Minister Trudeau officially on behalf of the Government to apologize, "Omar Khadr compensation is based on the Charter Protect the rights and freedoms of all Canadian citizens. "This is impeccable and has no choice.
And with financial compensation, according to media, the amount of 10.5 million Canadian dollars ....

A Canadian citizen, who was brainwashed for underage care, was arrested and fought with Canadian allies, and received a public apology from the Canadian government and 10.5 million for the lack of attention from the Canadian government for his basic citizenship The amount of compensation for the Canadian dollar .. This is the core of the whole compensation case ...

The lawmakers say that the verdict and compensation show that Canada is a society ruled by law and is also a place for Canadians to be proud of. The lawmakers say that the judgments are reasonable and legitimate, and Errol Mendes, a professor of law at the University of Ottawa, , If the government does not want to pay this number, the lawsuit to play, the government may spend more money ... CBC News as part of the media also expressed support for this decision: "Jonathan Kay: Omar Khadr deserved compensation and the Canadian government The apology ".

What does the government say? Canadian Public Security Minister Goodall said compensation and apology were based on a series of acts and decisions made by the Canadian government during the robbery and detention of Omar Khadr and nothing to do with the Afghan battlefield .. ..

However, Omar Khadr's unusual family background and once "jihad" experience still make it difficult for many Canadians to accept ... Pipeline Po out of a rugged video: "This happens only in Canada: from the Taliban to Millionaire! "The comment on this video was soon closed?

The famous Canadian media directly popped a questionnaires: "Omar Khadr will get $ 10.5 million in compensation from Trudeau. What do you think?" Very angry: 95% done: 5%

To make an apology to declare the Prime Minister Trudeau days are not too good ... his Twitter this two days have also been angry Canadian netizens take turns bombing ... ... the error is the former government committed, however, "Apologize and give the terrorists 10.5 million" This pot is the back of his pot ...
And the results of the questionnaire, the voice of the decision to support this, very little, and the opposition is clearly menacing ... ... "Which one of the charter that can give tens of millions of terrorists compensation?" "The only choice to see The next election is to be smart. "

"Wikipedia: Canadian citizens 16 years old was detained at Guantanamo base, during which he admitted that he committed murder and war crimes!" "Wikipedia:

French Canadians can not bear: "October 21, 2019, the next anniversary ... ..."
There are people in the reply bar below the treasure of the comic: Trudeau: "You really is a real Canadian Omar little meaning as you do for this country all the reward." Omar: "Thank you loved ones" helpless Retired soldiers: "probably I stood wrong side of the wrong battle it"

What is the reaction of Omar Khadr in the center of public opinion? He said that he has been soberly aware of the behavior of the past, and the family has long been cut off from the past ...
You are serious learning to do a job to help the wound to restore male nurses to make up for their mistakes have been made ... ...

However, after getting the controversial apology + huge compensation, in order to get the understanding of the Canadian people, I am afraid, not a matter of time